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A Neoconservative ‘Shock and Awe’: The Rise of the Arabs

Arabs Challenge Israeli Hasbara

Arming Despots: Obama and the Mideast Arms Trade

Exposed: The US-Saudi Libya deal

Is the Arab Spring spreading to US congressional staffs?

It’s Not About the West, Mr. Friedman: Distorting the Essence of the Great Arab Revolutions of 2011

No thank you, the Arabs have their own minds

NY Times: US to build shadow internet and cell phone in the region

Revolution Overloads Faulty US Grid

Roots of the Arab Revolts; Premature Celebrations

Sovereignty in the Middle East

The counter-revolution club

The Crisis for US Policy in North Africa: Imperial Anxieties

The sweet smell of counter-revolution

Two-faced Arab League losing ground

Algeria (click for news)

Bahrain (click for news)


A Jittery GCC: Bahrain and the “Freedom Contagion”

Bahrain: A Legacy of Broken Promises

Bahrain: America’s big paradox

Bahrain and Saudi Arabia’s Rulers Goose-Step to the Brink of the Abyss

Bahrain Bleeds for Liberty

Bahrain’s brutal equation

Bahrain: Days of Rage, Decades of Oppression

Bahrain’s hospitals are used as bait 

Bahrain: Oppression, Murder and Myths of Reform

Bahrain- Phone Rings: Hello, You Are Expelled!

Bahrain: When Revolution Becomes the Only Choice 

Heralding a New History: The Revolt in Bahrain

Journalist Tortured in Bahrain: Nazeeha Saeed’s Ordeal

The shocking thing is that Bahrain abuse is systematic

Time to Disband the Bahrain-Based U.S. Fifth Fleet

Egypt (click for news)


After Mubarak, the Military Fist

 Amazing Egyptian child chanting slogans for protesters-video

Anatomy of Egypt’s Revolution: How Democracy Could be Hijacked

Arab Spring Wary of Economic Lifelines

A Very Fine Thing: The Egyptian Revolution

Beyond Tahrir Square

Collection of official docs reveals various Mubarak-era crimes and video of the removal of protesters by force from Tahrir square

Conditions and Consequences: Anatomy of Egypt’s Revolution

Conditions and Consequences: Anatomy of Egypt’s Revolution (Part Two)

Corruption investigations begin in post-Mubarak Egypt

Critical Connections: Egypt, the US and the “Israel” Lobby

Democracy: Made in Egypt

Egypt and the Palestinian question-Omar Suleiman’s role

Egypt: Corruption Ran in the Family

Egypt: In every street in my country, the voice of freedom calls…: video (song)

Egypt: Mubarak’s police run over protesters-video

Egypt: Wednesday night intense battle-regime crimes: video

Egypt-‘Israel’ “peace treaty” brought more war than peace

Egypt military trying political prisoners: video

Egypt’s Judgment Day

Egypt’s relationship with “Israel” is changing

Egypt’s revolution and the US: Mubarak’s fatal mistake

Egypt’s revolution through a million eyes

Egyptian People Power versus the Oligarchy

Egyptian protester: powerful words- video

Egyptian regime’s crimes revealed-videos: protesters shot, run over, and thugs let loose

ElBaradei??? Soros’s Man in Cairo

Frank Wisner in Cairo: The Empire’s Bagman

From Counter-Attack to Departure Day: Mubarak’s Last Gasps

Hidden Hands Stoke Sectarian Strife

How Palestine’s uprising inspired Egypt’s

Hurriya is Arabic for Freedom: Just Listen to Egypt Roar

Meet Asmaa Mahfouz and the vlog that Helped Spark the Revolution-video

Meet Egypt’s New Leaders

Model of the Status Quo? Egypt, the American Way

Mubarak’s Last Gasps

Mubarak regime source of sectarian unrest

Muslim-Christian unity characterizes Egypt’s uprising

Omar Suleiman and the Rendition to Torture

Palestine and the Egyptian revolution: a view from Gaza

Plunderers of Egypt’s Wealth.. Documented – Part 2 of 3

Plunderers of Egypt’s Wealth – Documented – Part 3 of 3

Revolutionary Egyptian youth refuse Clinton meeting

Seeking Justice for Those Killed by Egyptian Police: Burying the Truth at Tahrir Square

Spontaneity and a “Collective Moral Earthquake”: Egypt’s Great Awakening

Suleiman: The CIA’s man in Cairo

The day Mubarak left

The Egyptian Revolution and Democracy

The Egyptian Uprising: Facts and Fiction

The Great Egyptian Revolution

The Making of Egypt’s Revolution

The revolution continues after Mubarak’s fall

The Sting of the Scorpion…Egypt’s Darkest Corner was the forerunner to Guantanamo

This Isn’t All About Mubarak: Egypt’s Workers Revolt

Twelve Moments That Shook the World: When Egypt’s Revolution Was at the Crossroads

US Zionism and Egypt’s Pro-Democracy Movement

We are all part of Egypt’s revolution

When Citizens Are Left to Fend for Themselves: Egypt’s Dignity Revolution

Iraq (click for news)


Iraqi riot police open fire toward the protesters and kill 2 and injures many in Mosul-video

Iraqis get the Tahrir spirit

Shoe thrower targets Iraq’s PM: video

Jordan (click for news)

Kuwait (click for news)


Thousands of Lebanese Demand Fall of Confessional System

Libya (click for news)


Brits Bollix Benghazi Caper: ‘Diplomacy’ or deception in the desert? 

Fallujah, Iraq 2004 – Misrata, Libya 2011

Inside Gaddafi’s bunker- video

Liberated Libya Rejects US Intervention- video 

Libya’s tragedy, Gaddafi’s farce

Message to America and Europe: Spare us the crocodile tears over Libya

Targeting Infrastructure: War Crimes and the Bombing of Libya

The Bang That Ends Qaddafi’s Revolution? The Libyan Labyrinth

The cluster bombing of Misrata: The case against the USA

Those Libyan Atrocities: Do They Really Stand Up?

UK’s role in rehabilitating Qaddafis and the London School of Economics

Unacceptable choices in Libya

Videos about protests in Libya

What next for the ‘Mad Dog’ of Libya?

Who Else is Helping the Libyan Leader? Algeria?

Mauritania (click for news)

Morocco (click for news)

Oman (click for news)

Palestine (click for news)


Interview with Hassan Hijazi who returned to Jaffa (Yafa) from Syria 

“Israel’s” Changing Demographics

Israelis Prepare to Emigrate, Palestinians to Return

Nakba: “I’m sick of 63 years of Israeli occupation”: video

Returning to Jerusalem

Returning to Safed in shackles

Right of Return and Right to Break the Fence

Standing for Justice: Why I’m Going to Gaza

The On-Going Nakba of Palestine … 63 Years Later: video

They Call it “Independence” … We Call it Nakba

To the Edge of Their Lands: Nakba Sunday at Maroun al Ras

Why June 5 Matters

News sorted by date (old to new)

May 15: Return marches, martyrs and many wounded 

May 15: 15 martyrs on Right to Return Day, “return is closer than ever” 

Saudi Arabia (click for news)


Saudi Arabia scrambles to limit region’s upheaval

Saudi Arabia (spotlight on protests) and Western Hypocrisy

Sudan (click for news)

Syria (click for news)

Media forgery: Videos claimed to be in Syria turned out to be false- Reuters & European media

Syria: Mass grave containing the bodies of 12 security forces found & lies circled about Hezbollah

Tunisia (click for news)

 A Burning Desire for Freedom: Tonight We Are All Tunisians

Dictatorship, Neo-Liberalism and IMF’s Diktats: The Tunisian People’s Uprising

Political prisoners in Tunisia’s new era-video

Revolution is an export Tunisia can be proud of

The Fall of the West’s Little Dictator

Three messages from Tunisia

Tunisia: The massacre behind the revolution

Tunisians must dismantle the monster Ben Ali built

UAE (click for news)

Yemen (click for news)

4 responses to “Events in the Arab world

  1. kodimirpal February 16, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    The Arab Revolt of 2011 keeps getting stronger. Protests continue in such unlikely places like Bahrain. Some ME rulers do some cosmetic changes just to please Washington, and the oil companies.
    The Egyptian virus of 2011, however, the façade of democracy erected by Bahrain rulers and their ilk keep crumbling. The beneficiaries of oil piracy have been the royal family, and a crony clique. Bahrain monarch imported 50,000 foreign workers to reconfigure the demographic landscape.
    This Bahranization policy was a smokescreen to pit the (local) labor against the (foreign) labor. Locals feel the pain. Young people are at the forefront of the revolts because they have the most to lose from the subsidies, and from the policies that mortgage their futures.
    These are also turmoil against the overpaid agents (bankers) of multi-national corporations. When will the Arab people rule themselves, and not be ruled by one-party dictators and monarchs who do the bidding of the bond markets and foreign capitals?
    The Western politicians continue to praise their “democratic” friends in the Middle East. To top the obscenity, Obama conferred with the Saudis on the democratic transition in Egypt, which is like asking a vegetarian Brahmin to cook beef.
    When will the economies of the Arab region be able to sustain their populations rather than fatten the financial houses in the Atlantic world, and offer massive trust funds for the dictators and the monarchs?
    Cursed with oil, the Arab world has seen little economic diversification and almost no attempt to use the oil wealth to engender balanced social development for the people.
    Instead, the oil money is given in the hands of foreign banks , to provide credit for overheated consumers in the United States and to provide banks with vast funds that are recycled at high interest rates to poor third world nations.
    The oil money also has also gone toward the real estate boom in the Gulf, and the gamble tables and escort services of Monaco (the Las Vegas of Europe, which has another decrepit monarch, Albert II, at its head). WE do a great injustice to Islams social justice and equity

  2. realistic bird February 16, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    Thanks kodimirpal that was quite a comprehensive summary of the situation of the Arab world especially the Gulf. Hopefully, the tides are turning and what is seen now as the curse of the oil becomes truly a helping hand in all of these countries.

  3. kodimirpal February 22, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    Can Egypt Get Back the Stolen Money?
    The Western banking system itself is not clean, it is meant for making profits from the deposits of political thieves like Mubarak , Suharto, Marcos and others.

    It is deliberately made impossible to investigate massive transfer of funds to Swiss Number Accounts by the rotten politician. The banks themselves are dishonest and corrupt and there is so much of social injustice and the dishonest, greedy and wealthy control the wealth of the world and its monetary system

    The Swiss banks use the so called confidentiality clause.
    This money illegally earned is kept by the western banks, is misused to finance illegal wars, insurgents and secret operations, to destabilise third world democracies and to help drug trade by officials, politicians and the worlds filthy rich .

    The most interesting thing about this is that the stolen money comes back to poor developing countries in the form of World Bank and IMF loans and some poor nations pay more by way of interest on the loan than the Principal.

    The Security Council can do something about this by bringing an international law saying that once a person holds political power or senior admin job, his numbered Swiss bank accounts are to be fully revealed and become transparent. But the UNO is an exclusive American club and the US will not co-operate, may even veto such a resolution because this will hamper the billions of dollars that the West effectively uses to grind its private axe.

    Unless the UNO passes a security council resolution making it illegal to allow numbered accounts by the political leaders of any nation and the resolution is strictly implemented. India is a tiny little power in this dirty game. Only the US can do something, they will not do because of the huge American Zionist interest in the world banking system. The US political leadership survives by it.

  4. realistic bird February 22, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    I agree with you, even if the Egyptian people do get something it would not come close to the real amounts. The banks will keep the money for other purposes.

    Thanks for the insightful information.

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