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New video shows Canadian police use-of-force incident

Press TV

A new video has surfaced in Canada, showing a man being tackled to the ground and punched repeatedly by Ottawa police, in yet another instance of police brutality in the North American country, Press TV reports.

According to Ottawa police, they responded to a call about a man attempting to hit a security staff member with a metal pole.

Police claimed that when they arrived at the scene another man attempted to punch a police officer in the face.

However, the gruesome video of the incident captured by a bystander shows a police officer punching the man repeatedly in the head and upper body at least 10 times while other officers pinned him down to the ground.

Following the release of the video, Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau said the professional standards section of the Ottawa police force will investigate the incident.

Although, reports said Bordeleau later sent an internal email to the force’s rank-and-file saying he maintains confidence in his officers.

“Always remember that the public has confidence in you and that you have my confidence and respect for the service you provide every day,” Bordeleau wrote.

The two men, who were caught in the video and were arrested, face charges of resisting arrest, assaulting an officer and causing disturbance.

Last month, police in the Canadian city of Toronto came under fire for the fatal shooting of a teenager whose family members said suffered from mental illness.


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