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Russia rejects US claims on Syria & Iran: US intervention will cause disaster

Russia Rejects US Claims on Syria: Situation Undermining Efforts

Al Manar

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told US Secretary of State John Kerry that Moscow rejects Washington’s claim the Syrian government was behind a chemical weapons attack outside Damascus, the foreign ministry said.

Lavrov, KerryIn a phone call Tuesday, Lavrov also told Kerry of Moscow’s alarm the situation was undermining diplomatic efforts to end the crisis, as expectations grow of Western military action against Syria.

“John Kerry put forward judgments which he said were based on information from reliable sources and according to which the Syrian government is to blame for the incidents with the probable use of chemical weapons,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement. “This argument was rejected by Sergei Lavrov, who put forward the corresponding position of the Russian side.”

Lavrov said Moscow wanted an objective and substantive exchange of information on the evidence of chemical attacks in Syria. “Moscow is, as before, particularly worried about the dangerous and already clear line towards a conscious undermining by a number of countries of the conditions for a political-diplomatic solution to the conflict,” the statement added.

Lavrov, BrahimiIn another telephone conversation with UN-Arab League Syria envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, Lavrov warned against a military solution to the Syria conflict, saying it would destabilize the country and the Middle East region.

Lavrov “emphasized the lack of alternative to a diplomatic solution and that attempts for a military solution will lead only to a further destabilization of the situation in the country and the region,” the ministry said.

It said both Brahimi and Lavrov agreed “that at this critical moment all sides — including external players — must act with the maximum responsibility and not repeat the mistakes of the past.”


Imam Khamenei: US Intervention Will Cause Disaster for the Whole Region

Al Ahed news

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei has warned against any US military intervention in Syria, noting that the repercussions of such action would be unpredictable.

Imam Khamenei stressed that foreign intervention in Syria is nothing but warmongering.

Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei in a meeting with the Iranian president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani and cabinet members, pointing that the Middle East is like a gunpowder warehouse where nothing can be predicted stated: “Any intervention by the United States will cause a disaster for the whole region.”

He assured that any foreign meddling in Syria or any other country will only mean stirring the flames of war and conflict.

Imam Khamenei further warned that the US will reap losses in Syria like it did in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution went on to say “The region lives sensitive and critical moments, adding “Iran does not want to meddle with internal Egyptian affairs at all, but it vehemently condemns the assailants -whoever they are- for committing massacres and shooting unarmed civilians.”


New poll: Syria intervention even less popular than Congress (click to read)


3 responses to “Russia rejects US claims on Syria & Iran: US intervention will cause disaster

  1. jigdood August 28, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    Russia has mentioned that they will strike saudi arabia in case of military action in syria

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