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A Saudi plan to attack Damascus aborted by the Syrian army

by Hussein Mortada, Al Ahed news

The Syrian Army has broken the backbone of the armed thugs and killed their leaders in Damascus countryside.

Some Saudi officials held a quite meeting in Istanbul with 30 leaders of the so-called “Free Syrian Army”. This meeting took place in Istanbul right after the United States decision of putting the Saudi intelligence in charge regarding the Syrian files.

The center point of this meeting was a clear Saudi demand of either a huge battle by which the armed gangs control Damascus or cutting off the funding. Al-Ahed news website obtained more information, which says that huge amounts of weapons exist in Jordan and part of them were transported to Syria.

Armed gangs along with Saudi Arabia thought that this change will have influence on the field. Therefore, the armed militias of all backgrounds have started preparing to attack Jaramana as it is the closest city to the capital. The militias gathered in the skirts of Jarba town in Eastern Ghuta. The American trained militias in Jordan have secretly started sneaking in to Syria through boarders. Hundreds of armed gangs were ambushed in the surroundings of Eastern Ghuta when the Syrian army discovered these passages and it was a great loss for the militias.

However, the Syrian army took the decision of launching a counter military operation, which they time especially after observing all gatherings and targets.

The operation aims at breaking the backbone of the militias in Damascus countryside and pushing them away from the capital neighborhoods that were always their leaders’ dream to control. The operation also aims at completing the security belt around the capital from within that will meet the security belt in the Eastern Ghuta at Homs-Damascus international highway.

The plan started with targeting leaders of the armed militias of all gangs, brigades and squads hours before the operation beginning. The Syrian army used the most modern military technologies to locate positions and targets accurately.

They last targeted leader of the so called “Ahfad al-Rassoul Brigade” in Damascus countryside. Thus, the armed gangs in Damascus countryside lost the expert field leaders who were well familiar with the region. This caused unbalanced state to the armed militias.

The intense military reinforcement of the Syrian army during the past few days were a clue of the operation start especially in Daria, Duma. Almuadamia, the inside of Eastern Ghuta reaching Daraa and Swaida. The leaders of the operation had a clear list of targets.

In Joubar, the army targeted many gatherings of al-Nusra in crucial areas. One of the most important targeted areas was al-manto market, al-manasher Dora. The army progressed towards Teacher’s Tower building where snipers settled for seven months targeting civilians continuously. A part of this building collapsed. At the same time, the army performed a huge military operation in al-sbena region in Western Ghuta, targeted armed gatherings in Huseinia. The clashed continued at the axis of Gharba neighborhood in Hajerra, Husenia and Zyabia. This is the first time the Syrian army organize its unites to perform operations simultaneously on different axis : al-muazamia, al-Qaboun, Barza specifically in al-mustah tower, Jubar and Erbim.

The Syrian army progress led the armed militia to shell more than 30 mortars over Damascus and its hotspot neighborhoods: Bab Touma, al-kassaam al-abbassien via Joubar, al-Tahrir Square, al-Sadat, al-Tijara, Tishreen park in an attempt to raise morals of their fighters. This is a good clue showing how the army progress heavily influence the morals of the militias.

During the military operations, the analysts were interested in the accuracy of these operations as the Syrian army used very new techniques in observing , tracking in addition to the quality of weaponry, the elite brigades and special forces teams working on ground. A military source has confirmed to al-Ahed website that the Syrian army is still progressing in the depth along with intense fire coverage until the operation in the countryside ends soon. The end point of the operation will be when the army controls the villages of Rankoos, Assal el-ward and their surroundings along boarders with Lebanon.


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