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An ambassador of the Syrian opposition coalition partakes in a conference with Zionists

By the order of Qatar, Najib al-Ghadban Partakes in Jewish Conference

Paris – by Nidal Hamade, Al Ahed news

Between August 15 and 19, an annual conference special for the Middle East was held in the Czech capital, Prague, titled “Middle East Regional Security and Cooperation Dialogues,” with the participation of a panel of “Israeli” and pro “Israel” Jewish figures from around the world.

Yet the conference has nothing to do with the Middle East, except for its name perhaps. Nonetheless, this time conferees celebrated the attendance of a new guest and an ally that is dear to “Israel.” It is the ambassador of the Syrian Opposition Coalition in Washington, Najib al-Ghadban!

Al-Ghadban partook in the conference in his capacity as the official representative of the Coalition, as presented by the organizing committee. There, al-Ghadban sat next to tens of “Israeli” officials like diplomat Dore Gold, “Israel” ambassador to the United Nations during the 1982 “Israeli” invasion of Lebanon, and other generals from the “Israeli” army!

There as well, sat Bassma Kodmani, vice Head of the Syrian National Council in 2012. She has already attended this conference’s 2012 February round in USA.
It seems that the Syrian opposition has become the sole Arab member entitled to attend the conference’s meetings, which remain behind closed doors.
Sources from the Syrian opposition said that al-Ghadban attended the meeting as commanded by the state of Qatar through Mustafa Sabbagh, Qatar’s man inside the Coalition. Sabbagh, a Syrian businessman residing in Doha, was Qatar’s candidate to chair the Coalition. He lost the bet before Ahmad Jarba, Bandar Bin Sultan’s candidate, and Michel Kilo, after Washington has handed the Syrian dossier management to KSA after Qatar.

Another opposition source also said that al-Ghadban’s attendance was part of the conflict game over earning the Jews’ affability many members of the Coalition are playing.

It seems that Qatar sought to annoy KSA, and this was just what made the Coalition’s Head Ahmad Jarba deny previous knowledge of al-Ghadban’s presence.
Jabra was so irate that he even denied any relation between the Coalition and al-Ghadban.
This annual international conference also hosts a similar meeting every year on key economic topics in the Middle East, simultaneously with the Doha International Forum.

What is the “Middle East Regional Security and Cooperation Dialogues?”

– It is a conference organized twice a year by the Center for Middle East Development (CMED) at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA).

– The Greek government used to host the conference, but it was moved to Prague due to the financial crises in Greece.

– This secret conference is held without any ads or publicities and under strict security guard, whereby participants work in specialized groups to engage in topics relevant to the regional security, the security of the Gulf, the promotion of the culture of democracy, economy and business, Palestinian-“Israeli” peace, Arab-“Israeli” peace, and others.

– During the conference, secret meetings are held between elected groups of experts, advisors, and academics, to discuss affairs related to peace, human rights, political normalization initiatives, security challenges, the risks of terrorism, joint economic projects between “Israel,” Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Tunisia, and Gulf states, especially Bahrain, Kuwait and KSA. For the past two years, light was shone on the repercussions and reverberations of the Arab Spring uprisings.

– USA, “Israel,” and European governments such as Greece, Switzerland, France, Czech, and Germany, fund this conference.

– Around 500 to 700 experts and researchers from the Middle East, Turkey, Russia, and Europe participate in the conference. 50% of participants are “Israelis”. Scores of Zionists also partake herein, namely Dore Gold, General Amram Mitza, General Danny Yatom, General Ami Ayalon, Colonel Itamar Yaar, General Natan Sharoni, General Yuri Saghe, General Alec Ron, Shaul Shimoni, Dalia Rabin, Shlomo Gore, General Dov Tamari, Yuri Dore, Yoram Mittal, and too many others.

– This conference is attended by Syrian figures carrying different nationalities, such as Omar al-Adm, Murhaf Joueijati, Najib al-Ghadban, Salam Kawakbi, Farah Atassi, Wael Mirza, Bassma Kodmani, and others…

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