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Palestine: IOA compels Jerusalemite to raze his own home & soldiers round up 94 last week

IOA compels Jerusalemite to raze his own home

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) forced a Jerusalemite man to raze his own home in Sour Baher, south of occupied Jerusalem, at the pretext of lack of construction permit.

Ziyad Omaira said that he started to demolish his home on Saturday night to evade the high cost of allowing IOA bulldozers to do the job.

He said that the 110-square-meter house used to shelter nine members of his family including his mother, wife, and children.

He said that he inhabited the 16-year-old house for the past 13 years, adding that he paid the IOA municipality more than 70,000 shekels in fines over the past years other than the court expenses.

Omaira said that it was particularly excruciating to be forced to raze your own home, adding that he was forced to do so to avoid bigger losses if the IOA bulldozers destroyed it.

He said that he would finish razing his home in the next few days, adding that he and his family were staying at his brother’s house until they find a new place to live in.


IOF soldiers round up 94 Palestinians last week

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up 94 Palestinians in various West Bank areas over the past week, Hamas statistics revealed on Sunday.

The movement’s report said that IOF soldiers did not desist from their policy of storming houses and terrorizing citizens.

It pointed out that the arrests were made after Israel had released 26 Palestinians, who have been in jail since pre-Oslo accords, to signal the re-launch of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The report said that the biggest number of arrests was made in Ramallah followed by Nablus.

It said that the detainees included eight liberated prisoners, three of them women, while seven were ex-detainees in PA jails.


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