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Islamophobia in Paris: Two attackers rip veil off teenager

Al Ahed news

A 16-year old girl was attacked in Paris’s suburb when two attackers tore off the Islamic veil she was wearing.

The teenager was leaving a friend’s house in Trappes at about 5:45 pm, when she was attacked by two “European-looking” men.

The men shouted anti-Muslim and racist phrases before tearing off her veil, pushing her to the ground and hitting her.

A third man then intervened and saved the girl while the attackers fled by car.

A source told the newspaper le Parisien that she was treated for “light scratch marks” on her face and throat.

“I severely condemn this newest demonstration of anti-Muslim hatred and intolerance. Police services have been fully mobilized so that the authors of this unacceptable attack are identified, found, arrested and handed over to the courts,” The French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said.

This comes as French authorities are pushing for banning Islamic veils in universities after banning them in schools back in 2004.


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