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Bahrainis on Independence Anniversary

(Bahrain-file photo)

Al Manar

More than 60 demonstrations distributed over 40 Bahraini regions responded on August 14, which marks the anniversary of the Bahraini Independence from the British mandate, to the calls issued by Tamarod movement, challenging the regime’s threats.

Since the early morning, the peaceful rallies started in Karzkan, Damstan, Mousalla, and dozens of other villages.

The participants asserted the rights of the Bahrainis to achieve freedom, democracy, and the state of justice and equalityBahrain2. They further stressed the necessity of ending dictatorship and power monopoly.

The demonstrators raised the Bahraini flags as well as the photos of the Bahraini Revolution martyrs and insisted on expressing their opinions despite the siege imposed by the security forcBahrain3es.

In response, the regime security forces used shotguns to disperse the demonstrations and flooded the different cities with toxic and suffocating gases to attain as much damage among the citizens as possible.

Local sources asserted that the regime security forces heavily deployed around the capital and tried to isolate the different Bahraini cities. These forces took “security measures” that included raising the arrests and raids against the houses of the opposition activists.

Bahraini Tamarod movement later announced, in a statBahrain5ement, that the peaceful demonstrations will target “Sayf” Intersection and that decentralizing the peaceful demonstrations is possible.

The statement saluted all the Bahrainis who responded to Tamarod’s calls and urged the International community to impose on the Bahraini regime respecting the international charters that ensure the human rights.


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