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Bahrainis hold funeral for boy killed in regime crackdown

(Bahrain-file photo)

Bahrainis hold funeral for boy killed in regime crackdown

Press TV

People in Bahrain have held a massive funeral procession for a young boy who died after inhaling toxic gas used by the regime forces, becoming the latest victim of the kingdom’s brutal crackdown.

People joined the procession that started from the town of al-Malikiyah to his resting place on Saturday.

Ali Jaffar Habib, 10, was transferred to a hospital outside Bahrain after he became seriously ill for inhaling toxic gas.

The young boy’s grandfather, Haji Habib, was killed on the same day the regime forces fired toxic gas.

More than one hundred people have died since the revolution began two years ago. Many of the victims died when regime forces fired poisonous tear gas into residential areas and homes to crush anti-regime protests.

The kingdom’s main opposition group, al-Wefaq, said earlier the regime forces raided 216 homes in several villages across the country last week.

The opposition group also said most raids took place after midnight or at dawn and 42 people including two children were also arrested…


Bahrain deports American human rights activist

Press TV

Bahraini authorities have deported a US human rights activist for allegedly posting “radical” articles on social media websites, thus tightening the noose on all forms of dissent.

According to Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BHCR), Erin Kilbride, who worked as a teacher, left the tiny Persian Gulf Sheikdom for the United States on Saturday.

In a statement on Saturday, Bahrain’s Ministry of State for Communications said Kilbride violated her visa by working “illegally as an unaccredited journalist.”

The US woman was “using Twitter and a number of websites to publish articles on Bahrain that were deemed to incite hatred against the government and members of the royal family,” the ministry added.


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