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Palestine: Israelis seize Palestinian lands in Bethlehem & two hunger striking captives suffer

Settlers seize Palestinian lands in Bethlehem

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– A group of Jewish settlers seized agricultural lands in the Bethlehem village of al-Khader southern occupied West Bank on Saturday.

Settlers from Elazar settlement, led by the extremist settler Nadia Matar’s organization “women in green”, have seized an agriculture land belonging to a Palestinian farmer in the village, said Ahmed Salah the coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlement in al-Khader village.

The settlers planted the confiscated land, belonging to Ibrahim Odeh Salah, with olive trees, the local activist added.


Two hunger striking captives suffer weakening in heart muscles

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The health situation of the two captives Ayman Hamdan and Imad al-Batran who have been on hunger strike for more than a hundred days has seriously deteriorated.

The two captives are held in solitary at the military Sarafand Hospital (Asaf Harofe) where their situation is continuously deteriorating.

The lawyer for the Ministry of Captives, Fadi Obeidat said that Ayman Hamdan whom he visited at the hospital is administratively detained since 22 August 2012 and that he started his hunger strike on 28 April 2013 to protest his administrative detention without charge or trial.

He added that his health is worsening and that he suffers low blood pressure, low heart rate, vitamin deficiency and weakening of the heart muscle.

Hamdan has been hospitalised since 26 June 2013 and takes water, sugar, salt and vitamins. He lost 22 Kg of his weight, according to the lawyer.

Hamdan told the lawyer that his movement has become difficult and suffers from general weakness, dizziness and head as well as joint aches. He added that despite all this he is determined to continue with his hunger strike until his administrative detention is revoked.

The lawyer also met with Imad al-Batran and noticed serious deterioration in his health despite the fact that he is taking supplements at the hospital.

Batran told the lawyer that he suffers from law heart rate (40 per minute) and takes medicine to regulate his heart. He suffers from general weakness, hair loss, insomnia and dryness of the eyes.

The hunger-striking prisoners are Abdullah al-Barghouthi, Ala’ Hammad, Munir Ma’ari, Hamzah Othman, Muhammad al-Rimawi, Ayman Hamdan, Imad al-Batran, Adel Harbeyat, Ayman Etbish, Husam Matter and Abdul-Majid Khudeirat.


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