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Israeli patrol violates Lebanese border at Naqoura: 4 IOF soldiers injured

Al Manar

Four Israeli soldiers were injured in an explosion during the night after they violated the Lebanese border at the southern town of Naqoura.Lebanese army soldiers inspecting the explosion site

Al-Manar correspondent reported that the occupation soldiers were on a security mission in the Lebanese territories when an IED exploded near the Labbouneh road, around 500 meters away from the blue line.

Our correspondent quoted a security source as saying that it’s not the first time in which the Israeli soldiers violate the border and go on this road.
The source added that when UNIFIL forces asked an Israeli officer about the explosion he said there were “fireworks”.

Blood seen at the site of the explosionThe correspondent added that the Israeli enemy didn’t fire a single shot after the explosion. However the soldiers only turned on their flashlights, in an indication that the occupation troops were on a security mission.

For its part the Lebanese army command reported the incident, saying “an Israeli patrol violated Lebanon’s sovereignty.”

“An infantry patrol of the Israeli army penetrated 400 meters inside Lebanon in the Labbouneh area at 00:24 local time,” the army said in a statement.

“An explosion took place and the soldiers were wounded, with blood found at the scene. A military committee has opened an investigation in coordination with UNIFIL,” the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, it said.

On the other hand, an Israeli army spokesman said the occupation troops “carrying out nocturnal activities in the Lebanese border area when the explosion occurred.Lebanese army soldiers inspecting the explosion site in Labbouneh

He did not specify the cause of the blast or say whether it was inside Lebanese or occupied territories, adding that the wounded had been hospitalized.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned the incident during a visit to the south of occupied territories but gave no details.

“Our soldiers defend us and our borders, which is what they were doing last night. We will continue to react to defend Israel’s borders,” he was quoted by military radio as justifying the occupation troops’ breaching of the Lebanese border.


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