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Canadian Museum refuses to label aboriginal suffering genocide

Press TV

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights is the birth-child of deceased media mogul Israel Asper. It is due to open in 2014 but the museum’s curators have already come under criticism.

There is a perception that the museum will emphasize the suffering of certain ethnic groups over others. And this belief was confirmed this week when it emerged that the centuries long attempts to destroy Canada’s aboriginal communities will not be referred to as “genocide” in the museum.

Legal experts observe that Canada’s residential school system which seized children from aboriginal families and forced them to study in Catholic and Anglican schools is consistent with this definition of genocide.

Critics accuse Zionist historians and curators of treating Jewish suffering as unique and more worthy of remembrance than the suffering of other groups. Hence Jewish suffering gets referred to by such ethnic-exceptionalists as a “Holocaust” with a capital “H” while aboriginals struggle to get their massive suffering recognized “a genocide”.

Ukrainian Canadians have also butted heads with the museum’s curators. Many Ukrainian-Canadians, like aboriginal Canadians, feel their historic suffering is being underemphasized by the museum’s curators for political and ideological reasons.


One response to “Canadian Museum refuses to label aboriginal suffering genocide

  1. Pizindan! August 12, 2013 at 6:29 pm

    Reblogged this on pizindan and commented:
    No need to add anything… really. The Human Rights Museum doesn’t want to bite the hand that feeds it. Under the twit we have, no governemnt agency or Crown Corporations will ever say anything against any government, because it wouldn’t “fit” inside the twit’s grand master plans.

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