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Arabs! Where is Al-Quds?

Arabs! Where Is Al-Quds?

by Fatima Salemeh, source

To live in a country that is not your homeland…means your future is bewildering. This is the truth said by a Palestinian young lady, Dana, who has tasted the bitterness of immigration. She lives in one of the Gulf countries, she is deprived from living in her homeland just because she is Palestinian.

Dana realizes that the Palestinian cause has turned into a bunch of slogans and clichés, empty and pointless speeches as well. Distance keeping her away from al-Quds is the reason of her constant worry of where she would end up one day.

Since 65 years, Palestinians have been living in oppression, war and poverty and they find no place for them among Arab agendas, not even between the lines.

The Palestinian cause has been dropped from the Arabs agendas and schedules, it has been put on a dusty shelf. Saudi Arabia, for instance is busy with its schemes of sowing strife in the region. Qatar has drained all its energy in an open war against Syria. Egypt, for its part, is drowning in chaos, Bahrain has made itself available to lash its people, while Jordan is busy trying to patch its torn domestic affairs.

Moreover, Turkey, the Islamic state has undressed itself of all Islamic aspects, indulged in the US-“Israeli” kitchen of operations.

The sole defender of al-Quds was Syria, poor Syria which has topped the agenda list of the aforementioned states which seek destroying the Resistance and enabling the enemy to girdle al-Quds.
As for Iran, the Persian state, it has not forgotten al-Quds in any of its agendas, speeches or plans, not even once!

Back to Dana, she is unhappy commemorating al-Quds day thousands of kilometers away.. but she says she is one of the lucky Palestinians who can visit Palestine from time to time. Dana holds a wish in her heart: “Liberating Palestine and al-Quds from the dirty claws of the Zionist entity.”

“This country has the right to enjoy peace, just like all other countries and peoples. It has the right to live in security and wellbeing after all the wars and destruction,” she adds.

Palestinian author and thinker Taysir al-Khatib views that all the current events taking place in the Arab world and the region has made people somehow forget about the Palestinian cause. “Palestine has become lonely, besieged, choking with “Israeli” settlements, suffering from racial discrimination and occupation.

Al-Quds has become a definite target to the Zionist scheme, with the aim of Judaizing the city of peace which supposedly embraces all monotheistic religions.

Al-Khatib condemns Arab inaction towards the Palestinian cause.

“Al-Quds day has arrived this year coinciding with the so-called Palestinian-“Israeli” talks; talks that have proved futility over the past 20 years. It is shameful to hold talks while the settlement construction is on the move. ” he noted.

Al-Quds was occupied a few times over history, its people were displaced, its houses destroyed, its people, sanctities, properties exposed to all sort of attacks.

Yet, the will of Allah and the people refuse to tolerate such occupation to the a holy land, and divine victory will see light again.


’Israeli’ Media Threatened by “We’re Coming” Banner in Hebrew Hanged across Palestinian Border

Al Ahed news

“Israeli” media showed irritation ahead of al-Quds day preparations in Lebanon over a banner that was hung across the Occupied Palestinian borders saying “We are coming” in Arabic and Hebrew.

“Israeli” Yedioth Ahronoth described the banner as “ominous”, since it holds meanings of obliterating the very existence of “Israel”.

The banner with the phrase “we are coming” had an image of the al-Aqsa Mosque in al-Quds, Palestine.

Al-Quds Day, announced by the late Ayatollah Imam Khomeini as the last Friday in the holy month of Ramadan, is an occasion to express solidarity with the Palestinian cause, oppose Zionism, and show enthusiasm to liberate al-Quds from the arrogant Zionist enemy.

A ceremony on this day is due to be held in different Muslim countries around the world, and will be held in different areas in Lebanon as well based on Hizbullah’s Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s request, where he is expected to deliver a speech on this day.


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