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Palestine: Several injured, mosque imam kidnapped in violent raid on Jenin camp & arrests

(Palestine-file photo)

Several injured, mosque imam kidnapped in violent raid on Jenin camp

JENIN, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) violently attacked at dawn Tuesday Palestinian citizens in Jenin refugee camp and kidnapped a mosque imam.

Local sources reported that the IOF stormed the camp suddenly and in a violent way and deployed themselves in different areas before they clashed with Palestinian young men.

They added that the IOF fired a hail of tear gas and live bullets at the young men, resulting in the injury of several of them.

Three of the young men suffered bullet injuries in different parts of their bodies and were rushed to hospital.

The sources affirmed that the IOF kidnapped during the campaign Sheikh Mohamed Shabrawi, the imam of Mahmoud Tawaleba Mosque.

The IOF also intensified their presence in the vicinity of Khalil Suleiman hospital near the camp and embarked on searching the area until early morning on the same day.


IOF soldiers arrest 11 Palestinians in Al-Khalil including children

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up 11 Palestinians including five children in Al-Khalil at dawn Monday after storming their homes.

Local sources said that IOF soldiers arrested five children in Arub refugee camp two of them 14 years old and three 16 years old.

Journalist Ala’a Al-Teeti said that the soldiers broke into his family home in the refugee camp and took away his 16-year-old brother.

He said that the soldiers terrorized all members of the family and holed them in one room before firing teargas at the house choking 20 members of the family including his pregnant sister.

Teeti said that the soldiers severely beat up his brother Shamekh, 20, and hit his head several times into the wall.

IOF soldiers also rounded up three young men in Edhna village to the west of Al-Khalil after they stormed a number of suburbs in dozens of armored vehicles.

The soldiers arrested a young man in Al-Khalil city and a 35-year-old man in Biet Ummar village to the north of the city after summoning him to Etzion interrogation center.

The soldiers nabbed the night before yesterday an anti-settlement activist in Tal Rumaida in downtown Al-Khalil after he confronted Jewish settlers who tried to assault his family.


Jewish settlers return to evacuated outpost

JENIN, (PIC)– Jewish settlers returned to an evacuated settlement outpost near Sanur village, south of Jenin, on Monday night and pitched tents.

Local sources said that the heavily armed settlers returned to the site of the evacuated settlement outpost and set up tents and caravans in addition to children games.

They said that the settlers prevented land owners from entering the site and chanted racist slogans against Arabs and Muslims.

The sources said that pitching the tents meant that the settlers were planning to stay in the site for a long period unlike in the past when they used to stay for few hours only. They feared that the practice would mean more tension and attacks in the surrounding area.


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