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Eichhorst to Hizbullah: We’ll to continue cooperation, decision Not A justification for ’Israeli’ aggression

Al Ahed news

As the European Union officially blacklisted the so-called military wing of Hizbullah as terrorist, the 28-states’envoy to Lebanon rushed to assure that the decision would not prevent the EU from continuing to cooperate with Lebanon and its political parties.

After a meeting with Head of Hizbullah International Relation, Ammar Moussawi, Angelina Eichhorst said the decision was not “a justification for an action of any “Israeli” aggression in Lebanon.”

This comes hours after Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned the EU that they are partners in any new “Israeli” aggression against Lebanon.

“It will not affect the European Union assistance to Lebanon which we will continue to give to the country. Lebanon is a strong partner for the European Union, for all the member states and we hold to this partnership,” she said.

In other remarks to as-Safir newspaper, Eichhorst reiterated Friday that the European Union’s decision to blacklist Hizbullah’s military wing doesn’t justify any Israeli action against Lebanon.

“It’s a decision that denounces terrorism acts carried out in EU countries,” Eichhorst claimed, and tried to assure that “the EU decision doesn’t target the Shiite sect.”

She further confirmed that “the EU won’t halt granting visas to people and Hizbullah’s participation in any upcoming cabinet will not be rejected.”

“We differentiate between terrorism and any country’s right to defend itself against occupation,” the diplomat noted.

In parallel, the European envoy confirmed that Hizbullah has the right to challenge the decision before European courts, saying: “We will reevaluate our decision every six months.”
She also stated that the EU seeks to press Lebanese parties to resume the national dialogue and maintain the country’s sovereignty and independence.

“We will carry on with our previous policies with the Lebanese,” she stated.

On the process of cabinet formation, Eichhorst stressed that the EU backs any government that achieves Lebanon’s best interest.

“We will not reject any cabinet that Hizbullah participates in,” the diplomat said
Earlier, Hizbullah official, Moussawi stressed that “blacklisting the party is an insult to all Lebanese, Arab, and Islamic people who believe in resistance.”

Moreover, Moussawi informed Eichhorst of Hizbullah’s rejection of the EU decision, saying that the union succumbed to American and “Israeli” orders.

“”Israel” may benefit from the blacklisting of Hizbullah, but we know that it does not need an excuse to attack Lebanon,” he added, noting that “everyone knows that Hizbullah’s political and military wings are the same.”

In this context, he clarified: “The military personnel in Hizbullah are politicians and politicians are military personnel.”

Eichhorst also visited caretaker Minister of State for Administrative Development Mohammad Fneish.

Following talks with Fneish, Eichhorst said the EU’s financial and economic assistance to Lebanon would continue. She said the EU would continue to support the Administrative Development office as well.


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