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100 injured in three days of protests in Bahrain: Rights group

100 injured in three days of protests in Bahrain: Rights group

Press TV

At least 100 people have been injured in Bahrain in the regime crackdown on protests over the past three days, a human rights group says.

Member of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights Yousef al-Mohafadheh says the clampdown took place in several villages across the country, including Abu-Saibah and Bilad al-Qadeem.

According to Mohafadheh, Saudi-backed Bahraini forces fired tear gas at demonstrators, raided dozens of homes and made several arrests.

The secretary general of Bahrain’s main opposition group, al-Wefaq, Sheikh Ali Salman is now calling on Bahrainis to defy the crackdown and continue holding peaceful protests…


Opposition to continue protests in Bahrain

Press TV

The head of Bahrain’s main opposition bloc, Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, has underscored the Bahraini nation’s determination to continue their anti-government protests in the face of Manama’s iron-fist policies.

On Saturday, Sheikh Ali Salman stressed that Al Khalifa regime’s repressive policies cannot prevent the Bahraini nation from holding peaceful demonstrations and that the popular protests will continue until public demands are met.

He pointed out that the Bahraini public is stronger than the government despite the regime’s crackdown on uprisings.

He underlined the importance of protests as a legitimate right confirmed by international laws and bodies and noted that the Manama regime must take responsibility for its repressive policies against the Bahraini protesters.

Al-Wefaq says the government’s account of a recent mosque bombing in Riffa is a fabricated story and that there were political intentions behind the “suspicious” incident.

The group noted that the incident was followed by several attacks on Sunni mosques to make it seem as part of sectarian tensions and push the people toward violence.

On Wednesday, a car laden with explosives detonated outside the mosque in the country’s second largest city.

The Bahraini government blamed the attack on the opposition. But the opposition rejected the accusation and described the incident as an attempt by the Al Khalifa regime to tarnish the image of the opposition ahead of planned rallies in mid-August.

The protests are scheduled to coincide with the anniversary of the British withdrawal from the Persian Gulf island nation in 1971…


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