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Immigrant children disappearing from Norway asylum centers

Press TV

Over a hundred immigrant children have been reported missing from Norwegian asylum centers, raising fears that they are victims of human trafficking, a report says.

At least 106 immigrant children have been unaccounted for in the Scandinavian country since June 2012, the Norway Post reported on July 10.

The missing children were kept in asylum centers throughout the nation while waiting for an interview with the immigration office.

International NGO group ‘Save the Children’ warned that many of the missing kids may have become victims of human trafficking.

The non-profit organization criticized Norwegian officials for failing to apply the same rules for missing Norwegian children to a child reported missing from the asylum center. If a Norwegian child disappears, massive searches are organized, yet this is not the case when a child disappears from an asylum center.

Over the past four years, a total of 237 children have disappeared from Norwegian asylum centers.

Norway is regarded as a prominent transit and origin country for human trafficking, specifically for the purposes of forced prostitution and forced labor in the domestic and construction services.


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