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Bahrain the only country bringing foreign expertise to master in torture

Al Manar

Bahrain Forum for Human Rights indicated that its country was the only one which brings foreign expertise into Bahrain to master in torturing its citizens, and who’s prime minister makes a good wishes visit to an officer involved in cases of torture.

In a statement it issued, the forum said that “the royal fact-finding commission, headed by Sherif Basyouni’s report, and the state’s rejection to UN special rapporteur on torture Juan Mendez’s visit, were evidence on that.

Bahrain Forum for Human RightsThe statement added that Bahrain government “was the only one fighting with various internationally banned weapons peaceful, unarmed people who only got their determination to gain their legitimate and fair demands.”

Commenting on the case of activist Rayhana Al-Moussawi whose clothes were ripped off during investigation, the forum stressed that this was “one of the most hideous systematic way in degrading citizens’ dignity and insulting them.”

“Bahrain government has received 176 recommendations from the Human Rights Council in Geneva in 2012, a number the largest countries have not received as a condemnation for the absence of human rights,” the statement added.

The statement further pointed out that “Bahrain is one of the countries which mostly disregard human rights,” adding that “approving seven international documents in the field of human rights was just for propaganda, as the truth is very painful for human rights…”


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