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Palestine: PCHR warns of Israeli intention to force-feed hunger striking captives & arrests

PCHR warns of Israeli intention to force-feed hunger striking captives

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) warned of occupation authorities’ intention to apply a law that will allow the authorities force-feed prisoners on hunger strike, which forms a real danger on the lives of captives.

The center said in a press statement on Thursday “The imposition of force-feeding on the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails is a ready recipe to kill because it is really dangerous to the lives of the prisoners.”

The statement pointed out that the Israeli government, in the coming weeks, plans to approve the law proposed by the ministries of justice and internal security in cooperation with the Shin Bet and the prison administration.

It added that resorting to such law clearly shows the occupation’s inability in dealing with prisoners on hunger strike, and the failure of policy of pressure and intimidation to force the hunger strikers to stop their strike.

“This has put the occupation government in a state of permanent confusion, unable to face this strong weapon used by prisoners and which has achieved positive results and pushed the Israeli authorities to meet some of the prisoners’ demands”, PCHR said.

It pointed out that the method of force-feeding caused the deaths of three Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails throughout the history of the captive movement.


‘Israel’ to approve new law to force-feed hunger striking prisoners

NAZARETH, (PIC)– Hebrew media revealed that the Israeli Ministry of Justice is currently working on passing a bill that will allow the authorities force-feed prisoners on hunger strike “legally”.

The Hebrew Haaretz newspaper said in its Thursday edition: “This proposal comes in the wake of the increasing number of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike.”

According to the new resolution; going to court will follow getting a medical report stating that in case the detainee continue his hunger strike, his life will be in danger, while allowing him to be represented by a lawyer and explain his position before the court.

The paper pointed out that these new ideas will soon be presented to the Attorney General for discussion.

It added that last year many prisoners have launched hunger strike for long periods, which made government ministries to go to the Attorney General and hold a series of meetings with security agencies to discuss the situation.

Haaretz explained that these discussions ended with a resolution allowing the prison officials to force the hunger striker to eat if his life becomes in danger.


IOF arrests Palestinians and settlers attack others in Yatta

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested on Wednesday a Palestinian citizen from the town of Yatta, while a group of armed settlers stopped vehicles of citizens and threatened to kill them.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC that the IOF raided houses of citizens in the town, and arrested citizen Mohammed Bahis then took him to an unknown destination.

Meanwhile; a number of Palestinian vehicles were forcibly stopped by armed settlers who threatened to kill the citizens. More than five vehicles belonging to settlers were seen in the main street that lead to the area of al-Fahs leading to al-Khalil.

The Israeli soldiers also arrested a young man from the village of Harmala east of Bethlehem at the Karama crossing, while on his way to Jordan, locals reported.

The occupation has arrested many citizens at different crossings connecting between Jordan and the Israeli state, under flimsy security reasons.


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