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Dozens of protests in Bahrain against torturing detainees, activists

(Bahrain-file photo)

Al Manar

Bahrainis took to the streets in several regions in the country to peacefully protest against the prosecution of a number of rights activists, Al-Manar website correspondent in Bahrain reported.

Among the prosecuted activists was Rayhana Al-Mousawi, who had narrated on Thursday the physical and psychological torture she had been exposed to during detention, and the part when her clothes were ripped off.

Some detainees also talked during prosecution about the brutal and intense torture which they were exposed to, while others were prevented from talking about their suffering before the judge.

Journalists and observers were not allowed to attend the prosecution.

Regions like Karbabad, Al-Musalla, Salmabad, Karana, Malkiya, Nuwaidrat, Sitra, Diraz, Ma’amir, Bilad Al-Qadim, Manama, Sehla and others witnessed spontaneous movements condemning the ongoing violations and urging a transition to democracy.

For its part, Al-Wifaq National Islamic Society issued a statement in which it considered that the actions of the regime “reflect its detachment from Islamic, national ,and humanitarian values and principles, and its behavior refers to degraded practice which does not exclude assaults on women and detention camps, in a way which crossed the red line.”

Al-Wefaq stressed that “by that behavior, the regime has drawn a new map for practice, and what detainee Rayhana Al-Mousawi and others had revealed was a complete degradation and a deprivation from humanitarian and national values… and all the officials in this regime hold the responsibly of its outcomes…”

“All these facts refer to one truth, which is the absence of the state and law in Bahrain, and the way the regime is practicing does not have anything to do with a state. It is rather a parallelization and sectarian administration which devalues souls, honor, blood, and money to stay in power.”…


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