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53 Lebanese injured in Dahiyeh explosion & Israeli troops abduct shepherd


53 Lebanese Injured in Dahiyeh Explosion

Al Ahed news

53 Lebanese citizens were injured in a car bomb Tuesday morning, in a parking lot in the Southern Beirut Suburb, Dahyeh.

The car bomb went off in the parking lot near the Islamic Cooperation Center in the Bir al-Abed area of Dahiyeh.

Also, numerous cars blazed at the scene, and ambulances rushed to the place to transport the injured to Bahman hospital in Haret Hreik.
The Haret Hreik Mayor condemned the act, dubbing it terrorist.

“This terrorist act aims at weakening stability and security to this area and its people.

Hizbullah MP Ali Ammar said Bir al-Abed had been targeted because it “embraces the resistance,” adding that the attack “clearly bears the fingerprint of the “Israeli” enemy and its tools.”

For his part, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said the explosion that ripped through – Beirut suburb was aimed at causing massive amounts of death and destruction.

“The criminal terrorist bombing which targeted the southern suburbs today was designed to inflict a lot of death and destruction,” Berri said in a statement.

He said it was “divine intervention that prevented a massacre in this densely-populated area, in front of a crowded commercial place,” about Tuesday’s explosion outside a market in the Beirut suburb of Bir al-Abed that injured dozens.

Berri said the blast also aimed at sowing discord among the Lebanese “which makes awareness a necessity.”

The explosive, weighing some 35 kilograms, caused severe material damage in an around the parking lot, where plumes of thick smoke billowed into the sky.


Israeli troops abduct Lebanese shepherd

Press TV

Israeli troops have abducted a Lebanese shepherd from the occupied Shebaa farms in southern Lebanon.

An Israeli commando force of 15 soldiers crossed the border of the Shebaa farms on Monday, abducting Lebanese shepherd Youssef Hussein Rhayyel.

Rhayyel was taken to an Israeli military post in the occupied farms.

The Israeli regime forces informed the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) of the abduction.

“UNIFIL duly informed the Lebanese army about the kidnap operation, whilst UNIFIL General Commander, Paolo Serra is holding necessary contacts to ensure the release of the shepherd,” said UNIFIL spokesperson, Andrea Tinenti.

Lebanese army reportedly said in a statement that Rhayyel was kidnapped inside the liberated part of Shebaa region.

On July 2, Israeli soldiers abducted two other shepherds from an area near the town of Shebaa. The men were freed a day later.

The Israeli military frequently violates Lebanon’s airspace, territorial waters and border.


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