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Palestine: Israelis drown Palestinian lands with waste water in Bethlehem & storm village/Al Aqsa

Settlers drown Palestinian lands with wastewater in Bethlehem

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– Settlers from Beitar Illit settlement, built on Palestinian lands west of Bethlehem, drowned Sunday about 100 dunums of Palestinian agricultural lands with wastewater in the village of Wadi Fukin.

The mentioned lands became unfit for agricultural use due to the ongoing pumping of wastewater by settlers.

Wadi Fukin Village Council has called, in its statement, on concerned authorities to intervene to put an end to the settlers’ attacks against the villagers’ lands.

The settlers pumped wastewater to around 100 dunums of agricultural land belonging to around 50 farmers in the village, drowning it completely, the statement explained.


Hundreds of Jewish settlers storm Nablus village

NABLUS, (PIC)– More than 200 Jewish settlers raided the village of Orta, south east of Nablus city, at dawn Monday and offered Talmudic rituals.

Reliable local sources said that the raid was launched under protection of the Israeli occupation forces, adding that citizens were terrified at the big number of the settlers and the escorting IOF forces.

Meanwhile, other IOF units stormed a number of suburbs in Nablus city at dawn Monday.

Locals said that the soldiers broke into three suburbs near to the Najah university and searched a number of homes where students live.


Jewish settlers desecrate Aqsa mosque

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Jewish settlers stormed the holy Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem via the Maghareba gate on Sunday morning.

Jamal Omar, an expert in Jerusalem affairs, told Safa news agency that around 60 Jewish settlers entered the Aqsa mosque in groups and roamed its various plazas and tried to offer Talmudic rituals.

He pointed out that many Quran scholars were present in the holy site at time of the storming due to the approach of the holy fasting month of Ramadan and were ready to defend it.

Omar said that the Aqsa was passing through a very serious stage that necessitated urgent moves on the part of the Arab and Islamic countries to protect it. He asked those countries to prioritize the issue of the Aqsa.

He expected Jewish settlers to escalate their raids into the Aqsa mosque during Ramadan, and urged Jerusalemites and Palestinians in 1948 occupied land to intensify their presence in the mosque to ward off possible dangers.


Hunger striker Barghouthi in critical condition

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Detained hunger striker Abdullah Al-Barghouthi has entered a critical health condition, lawyer Fawaz Al-Shalloudi of the Palestinian prisoner’s society said on Sunday.

Shalloudi said after calling on Barghouthi in Afula hospital that he did not see him in this condition since he went on hunger strike on 2nd of May.

The lawyer said that Barghouthi was suffering from pain and serious failure in his liver, irregular heartbeat, and malfunction of blood vessels that carry oxygen to the brain.

He said that the hospital’s director asked a team of doctors and lawyers to examine Barghouthi’s health and legal conditions.

Barghouthi, who is serving 67 life sentences and 2500 years, is one of five Jordanian captives who went on hunger strike early May demanding their release or serving their remaining sentences in Jordanian prisons.


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