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Palestine: Israeli soldiers injure 2 female protesters, 50 landmarks in J’lem are being Judaized & protest against racist attacks

Israeli soldiers injure 2 female protesters in Al-Khalil

Specialists: 150 landmarks in J’lem are being Judaized

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Palestinian researchers and specialists in occupied Jerusalem warned that about 150 landmarks and historical sites are exposed to Judaization and annexation in the holy city.

This came in a conference organized on Saturday by scholars and preachers in Jerusalem.

The final statement issued by the conferees stressed that the whole Islamic landmarks in Jerusalem is threatened with annexation to the alleged Jewish heritage, either by removing all signs of the Arab and Islamic presence in the city or by tampering with the antiquities and replacing the Arabic inscriptions with Hebrew ones.

The statement warned that the coming Israeli step would be directed against the Aqsa Mosque after the Israeli occupation regime prepared itself to raze this Mosque and build the Jewish temple in its place.

The conferees appealed to the Arab and Muslim decision makers to be aware of what is happening in Jerusalem and move to protect the Arab historical landmarks and the Aqsa Mosque.


Palestinians in Akka protest racist attacks against them

AKKA, (PIC)– Palestinians in coastal city of Akka north of 1948-occupied Palestine on Friday organized a demonstration to protest the escalation of racist attacks carried out by teams of the Israeli municipality and police against the city’s residents.

The last of these attacks was the detention of the Palestinian citizen Khaled Zakour without any justification, in addition to the ongoing use of violence and tear gas against women and children.

MK Hanin Zoabi, who participated in the demonstration, said the Israeli police “turns a blind eye to the murderers and gangsters who always escape without being arrested or prosecuted”, and held the Israeli police full responsibility for the acts of violence in the Arab milieu.

She added: “Until now, the police have not been able to arrest the killer of a young man from Akka who was murdered in front of the police station. Although we have been following-up the case with the Minister of Internal Security for more than a year, the killer has not been arrested yet.”

Ahmed Ouda, a member of Akka municipal team, said that Israeli municipal teams last week took part in more than four acts of violence against Arab citizens.


Three Jordanian hunger strikers in very serious health condition

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Lawyer Rami Al-Alami said the health conditions of three Jordanian hunger strikers in the Israeli Soroka hospital deteriorated very badly.

Alami stated that the three hunger strikers are Muneir Mar’ei, Ala’a Hammad and Mohamed Remawi, pointing that they started their open-ended hunger strike on the second of May.

According to the lawyer, the hunger strikers held the Jordanian government fully responsible for not communicating with them and refusing to intervene to pressure the Israeli side to meet their demands.

The lawyer noted that the three hunger strikers are in serious health condition, especially prisoner Mohamed Remawi who suffers from chest and stomach problems, and Mediterranean fever.

He added that Remawi started to vomit blood and become unable to walk or move, while the others lost a lot of weight, pointing that all the hunger striker are shackled to hospital beds.


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