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3 Gates for ‘ongoing cooperation’ between Syrian armed gangs and “Israel”

Al Ahed news

Head of the Golan Affairs office of the Syrian government, Medhat Saleh, uncovered ‘exceptional gates’ along the borders of the occupied Golan ceasefire line, used to transport the wounded terrorist insurgents and provide the armed gangs with food supplies and military equipment.

Saleh, in an interview with al-Ahed news, spoke of tens of wounded among the various armed terrorist gangs. He noted “they received medical treatment in “Israeli” hospitals over the past few months.”

Saleh further noted “”Israeli” authorities receive the injured rebels who arrive in ambulances at the gate, transfer them to field hospitals inside the occupied Golan area for treatment, then return them inside the Syrian territories. He added that in case of serious injuries, the injured rebels are transferred to Safad Hospital for required treatment.

Head of the Golan Affairs office pointed out that the “”Israeli” occupation prepares military food portions and delivers them to the armed terrorists through these gates.”

According to Saleh, these facts are decisive proof to the strong link and cooperation between the armed groups in Syria and the “Israeli” entity, reminding that “Israel” itself does not deny having tight relations with the armed gangs.

Moreover, he considered “the stance of the Zionist entity from the Syrian crisis is crystal clear, resembled in its effort to crash the Syrian regime, a top-supporter to the Resistance and an ally of Iran and Russia.”

Saleh assured that “Israel” is providing the terrorists present at the borders with ‘all types of weapons’, referring to “Israeli”-made weapons possessed by the armed terrorists including M-16s, missiles, and other developed weapons.

These gates of communication and cooperation, according to Saleh, are located facing the Jabata village and another area close to the Quneitra gate, also another gate at the Be’r Ajam village.

Saleh assured “there is constant coordination between the armed groups and the “Israeli” enemy, through an official in charge of providing logistic support and required treatment for the injured members of these gangs.”


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