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‘Hezbollah countering Western-led plots in Mideast’

(Terrorism, Syria-file photo)

by Yusuf Fernandez, source

Britain has failed to persuade the European Union to put the armed wing of Hezbollah on its list of “terrorist organizations”. Despite all Israeli and US pressures in recent months, European skeptical diplomats have refused to pass a measure that would damage European interests in Lebanon and the Muslim world as a whole.

The pretext for London´s appeal to the EU was the announcement in February by the previous right-wing Bulgarian government, a staunch ally of Washington and Tel Aviv, that two of the people responsible for the bombing attack at the Burgas Airport, which killed 5 Israeli tourists in July 2012, “belonged to the military wing of Hezbollah.” The Socialists, then in opposition, accused the executive of trying to implicate Hezbollah without proof.

Shortly after, the corrupt Bulgarian government was overthrown by a popular uprising and the new Bulgarian Socialist executive stated on June 5 that there was only a weak “indication” that Hezbollah might have been behind the attack and that this alone would not justify any EU move to list it as a terrorist group.

For its part, Hezbollah denied any involvement in the Burgas attack. Several experts have claimed that there is every indication that the bombing was actually a false-flag operation by Israel intelligence services in order to isolate Hezbollah and pressure the European Union to blacklist the Lebanese organization.

Furthermore, British claims were completely hypocritical as London has called to arm the terrorist groups in Syria, some of which are linked to al-Qaeda and are guilty of heinous atrocities. This stance, supported by PM David Cameron and FM William Hague, was recently condemned by top officials in Britain, including the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Germany and France, which had previously rejected the British bid, changed their position. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius confirmed at a recent “Friends of Syria” meeting in Amman that Paris would also support Britain, which is not surprising at all as the Zionist Jews, who have been controlling the French foreign policy in the governments of Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, have multiplied their hostile policies towards Iran, Syria and other Muslim countries with the cooperation of the puppet terrorism-supporting regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In recent years, Britain and France have been trying to promote neocolonial policies in order to gain control of some of their former colonies and set up servile governments, like they did in Libya.

Opposition to British plans

Other European countries have showen, however, their opposition to the British bid in order to defend their interests in Lebanon, where Hezbollah is not only a party in the government, but also the legitimate representative of at least a third of the population-. On the other hand, some governments think that this move would increase instability in the Middle East. Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said that blacklisting Hezbollah’s military wing would have repercussions on “fragile” Lebanon´s stability.

Moreover, this move would certainly complicate the EU’s contacts with Lebanon. The capacity of European companies to operate in Lebanon would be seriously damaged.

According to Nidal Hémadé, a columnist for the Arabic site of the TV channel Al Manar, Fabius´s remarks have caused an uproar in the ranks of the French army officers, who have warned against the consequences of such a decision. “What will France do when a Lebanese ministerial delegation visits Paris?”, a French military officer said. It is worth recalling that French interests in Lebanon and the Middle East are much larger than the interests of Hezbollah in France. Lebanon has five French cultural centers, the largest number in the Middle East.

Israeli media have also launched a campaign against countries such as Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Austria, blaming them for the failure of the British bid. Up to now, all these countries have maintained an independent stance and have not bowed to Israel or US pressure.

A decision to blacklist Hezbollah could also call into question the presence of the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Lebanon which represent a dozen EU countries. Austria has already announced that it will withdraw its 300-strong force from the UN peacekeeping contingent on Syria’s Golan Heights, which Israel has occupied illegally since the 1967 war, after the EU lifted the arms embargo against Syrian terrorists.

It is clear that the British and French bid is actually motivated by the role played by Hezbollah in the Syrian war, and not by accusations of terrorism. In this regard, Fabius said, “Given the decisions that Hezbollah has taken and the fact that it has fought extremely hard (in Syria), I confirm that France will propose to place Hezbollah’s military wing on the list of terrorist organizations.”

Protecting the region agaist the US-Israeli plot

However, intervention of Hezbollah in the neighboring country takes place within the strategic framework of the ongoing aggression against Syria, Lebanon and Iraq by an alliance including the US, Israel, Britain, France, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The main tool in this aggression is the Takfiri – groups working to desroy the national and social fabric in these three countries. Driven by an extremist and brutal ideology, these international gangs plan to exterminate religious minorities, such as Christians, Alawitse and Shiites. Many Christian priests and Sunni and Shiite Muslim clerics have been beheaded or savagely killed by the Western-supported terrorist groups.

Western claims on the existence of “moderate” groups are just a lie. The so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) is an umbrella for hundreds of groups that interact on the ground with al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front. Their members have become extremists and fanatical terrorists. The recent developments on the group show that the behavior of the FSA does not differ from that of al-Nusra Front. Some of their members are notorious criminals who were released from Saudi prisons to go fight in Syria.

Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, there have been lots of rocket and mortar attacks on the Lebanese territory, with the FSA claiming responsibility for two of them. Many of these attacks have been aimed at the Lebanese army or Shiite-majority villages. Hezbollah and the residents of the border villages have decided to mobilize to respond to these threats. “We have increased the number of people on the border and the number of patrols conducted along there, and within the Lebanese territories to prevent armed groups from infiltrating,” a Hezbollah member told Al Jazeera on condition of anonymity. However, the control of the Lebanese territory is not enough as these groups attack Lebanon from the zones they control in Syria.

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah revealed details of this evil plot that also seeks to weaken the Lebanese Resistance. But the ultimate goal is to destroy the ideology of Arabism among the peoples of the region and to divide the Arab countries into small entities on the basis of sectarian or ethnic criteria. Israel would be the main beneficiary if this plot became successful.

As the Lebanese expert Ghaled Kandil claimed in the site, “By deciding to fight in Syria against this project, Hezbollah protects the people of the region, their religions, their diversity, the unity of the social tissue and the will to resist the hegemonic project of Israel, that is at the heart of the party combat. Hezbollah remains faithful to its tradition as the vanguard fighting against the Israeli-American project, which uses today as the enforcement tool Takfiri groups.”


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