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Palestine: Schools to be transferred, $11 million a year collected in identity card fees & captives held under catastrophic conditions

“Israel” decides to transfer schools from Wadi Ni’am village

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Citizens in the Negev in the 1948-occupied territories announced an open strike in the schools of Wadi Ni’am village in protest at the Israeli authorities’ intention to move the schools to another nearby village.

The procedure aims to pressure the village’s population (14 thousand people), to leave their lands and move to the village of Shaqib al-Salam (Segev Shalom).

Wadi Ni’am’s local Committee as well as the committees of the students’ parents sent a letter to the Israeli Minister of Education Shai Piron to inform him about their intention to start an open strike in the schools, attended by about 3,000 students from the village.

Lubad Abu Afash, the head of the local committee, asserted in a press statement that the Israeli decision to transfer the schools to another village represents part of a plan to displace the villagers.

He stressed the students’ right to study in their village’s schools, and added “we will not hesitate to use all the available legal means for preserving our schools in the village of Wadi Ni’am”.


“Israel” collects $11 million a year from Palestinians in identity card fees

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– A Palestinian study revealed that Israel collects 40 million shekels ($11 million) per year from Palestinians, in return for issuing Permits and Magnetic cards that allow them enter the occupied territories and work in the Israeli market.

The Applied Research Institute ARIJ in the city of Bethlehem revealed on Saturday in a study that the Palestinian citizen pays a fee of 100 NIS for the magnetic card.

According to ARIJ’s study, the total number of Palestinian workers in the occupied territories and the settlements reached 100,000 workers who are forced to pay permit fees to be able to work in the 1948-occupied Palestine

The magnetic card was an almost indispensable condition for entry the Occupied Palestinian Territory, although having the card itself was not enough to guarantee receiving a permit, but it is a proof that the people who apply for the permits are not considered a security risk.


Human Rights Center: Female captives held under catastrophic conditions

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– A human rights organization warned of the “catastrophic and unbearable” situation of Palestinian female prisoners in the Israeli Hasharon detention center.

The Prisoners’ Center for Studies said in a statement on Saturday that the Israeli prison administration has been abusing the Palestinian female captives held in Hasharon.

The 16 Palestinian prisoners are exposed to surprise raids and night searches. They are subjected to harsh forms of punishment; including the payment of fines, the solitary confinement and the deprivation of visits, in addition to the brutal interrogation circumstances, the center added.

It also pointed to the deliberate policy of medical neglect in Hasharon jail, and said some patient captives need urgent surgeries but the Israeli authorities have been postponing them.

The center appealed to the international institutions, especially the Red Cross and the United Nations to exert pressure on the occupation authorities to stop the ongoing violations against the female detainees.


Human rights center: “Israel” exploiting prisoners as bargaining chips

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– A Palestinian human rights center has doubted press reports that Israel was pondering the release of oldest serving Palestinian prisoners in return for reactivating negotiations with the PA.

The Palestine prisoners’ center for studies said in a statement on Sunday that the Israelis were exploiting the Palestinian prisoners’ issue as a bargaining chip to blackmail the PA politically and to pressure it into returning to the negotiations table.

It said that the release of Palestinian prisoners was tabled more than once before with no real progress achieved in any of those past attempts.

The center opined that the Israeli occupation authority was using the issue of those prisoners to extort certain political gains that would only serve its own interest.

The center advised the Palestinian masses not to be too optimistic about possible “goodwill gestures” by the IOA including the release of oldest serving prisoners.

The center ruled out the possibility of releasing all or even part of those prisoners, pointing to recent “serious” moves within the Knesset to restrict the premier’s jurisdiction of pardoning Palestinian prisoners.


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