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Bahrain: Revoked citizenship violation of basic rights & activists denounce torture by regime

Al-Wefaq Association: Threats to Deport Revoked Citizenships Violation of Basic Rights

Al Ahed news

The Bahraini Opposition National Islamic al-Wefaq Association stressed on Thursday, “Threatening to extradite people whose citizenships were revoked in a way contradicting with international laws for human rights, in which they would leave them without a citizenship for vindictive reasons, is considered a blatant violation of humanitarian principles and international conventions on human rights.”

In a statement, al-Wefaq further stated, “Summoning citizens to the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency, revoking their passports and all documents proving their identity, consequently inhibiting basic identity rights, and threatening to deport them with no other place to go, is considered a deep strike on basic human rights.”

“It has become clear that the regime does not commit to the minimum limit of international and humanitarian commitments. Thus, the international community is held liable to deal with the regime differently and decisively to guarantee commitment with international requirements. This can be achieved only through a democratic transfer that would make the people the source of authority,” the statement added.

Moreover, al-Wefaq believed that the regime has no right to revoke citizenships while it grants citizenships to hundreds of foreigners for political and sectarian reasons.


Bahraini activists denounce torture by regime

Press TV

Bahraini human rights activists say the torturing of the country’s prisoners has been intensifying amid an international spotlight on the Persian Gulf nation, Press TV reports.

At a seminar at House of Lords in London on Wednesday, several Bahraini victims of torture gave testimony of their ordeals and their loved ones in Bahrain’s prisons.

“There is the use of electricity… They are using the microwaves on cells especially on the brain cells. (They) bring the wife or the teenage daughter in front of you, and threaten (you that) they are going to rape her,” former Bahraini MP Jalal Firooz said.

The participants also condemned the western powers’ silence against the Bahraini prisoners.

“They keep a blind eye to atrocities and human rights violation in Bahrain, which encourages the regime to continue these tactics,” said Mohammad al-Tajir, a Bahraini lawyer…


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