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Saudi activist dies of injuries sustained in police shooting

(File photo)

Press TV

A Saudi activist has died of injuries sustained in a police shooting in the town of Awamiyah in Eastern Province.

Saudi Arabia’s official news agency SPA said on Sunday that regime forces opened fire at Morsi Ali Ibrahim al-Rabah when they tried to arrest him over allegations of involvement in anti-regime protests.

An interior ministry spokesman said that Rabah was on a list of 23 – activists wanted in connection with protests in Awamiyah.

“He was wounded and died in hospital,” the spokesman said.

Rabah was the 18th victim of the Saudi regime’s crackdown on protesters in the Qatif region since 2011.

On June 21, Saudi regime forces killed a young man during a raid on the houses of anti-regime activists in the village of al-Tubi in Qatif. Police shot the 19-year-old in the head and shoulder…


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