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Turkish protests: “Everywhere Taksim, everywhere resistance” & Erdogan says police will get more power

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Turkish protests: “Everywhere Taksim, everywhere resistance”

Al Ahed news

Around 5,000 protesters demonstrated in the Central Anatolian province of Eskişehir all night on Tuesday night, in which police then dispersed the crowd with gas bombs and water cannons.

The police crackdown injured three protesters, a journalist, and a police officer, and managed to eventually disperse the crowd, and clashes lasted until 5 am on Wednesday.

Demonstrators chanted slogans like “everywhere Taksim, everywhere resistance” and “government resign” in Eskibağlar.

On Tuesday, Turkish authorities arrested dozens of people in several cities to stamp out weeks of antigovernment protests.

Moreover, Turkey’s Interior Ministry said more than 70 people had been detained in the sweeps in Istanbul and Ankara on Tuesday.

The Turkish state news agency said antiterrorism units had been deployed during Tuesday’s arrests, however the detainees’ lawyers noted that people were suspected only of illegal gathering, and had no connections to terrorism.


Turkish PM says police will get more power

Press TV

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced plans to increase the police’s powers to deal with anti-government protests.

In an address to parliament in the capital Ankara on Tuesday, Erdogan said that riot police had acted with restraint against the violent demonstrators and that their powers would be increased.

“Our security forces put up a successful and extremely patient struggle against the acts of violence by remaining within the limits set by democracy and the law,” he stated.

Erdogan’s defiant stance came amid unrelenting demonstrations in Istanbul and Ankara…


‘Police conduct raids across Turkey’

Press TV

Turkish police have carried out multiple raids across the country and detained dozens of anti-government protesters, local media have reported.

Some 25 people were arrested in the capital, Ankara, 13 others in the northwestern city of Eskisehir and “many” in Istanbul, state media TRT said on Tuesday.

NTV television also said that police raids targeted left-wings groups in Ankara and Istanbul, which the government suspects were involved in violent clashes with police during the recent anti-government demonstrations…


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