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Turkey: Erdogan says conspiracy foiled & Turks hold ‘standing man’ protest

Erdogan: Conspiracy against Us in Trash Now

Al Manar

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan said Tuesday that the conspiracy prepared against his government by the demonstrators – who have blocked the street for more than two weeks – has been “foiled”, thanks to his supporters.

During his weekly address before the MPs of the ruling Justice and Development bloc in the Parliament, Erdogan said “the people foiled the plot via gatherings of hundreds of thousands,” organized by the ruling party in Ankara and Istanbul during the weekend.

“The people and the government of the Justice and Development Party foiled this plot,” Erdogan reiterated, stressing that these gatherings are the “true image” of Turkey, not the demonstrators organized by what he called “foreign traitors and conspirators.”

“This plot has been foiled and this scenario has become in the trash before the start of its implementation,” he said.

On the other hand, Erdogan once again defended the police forces facing severe criticism because of the repression exercised against the protesters, saying they had “succeeded in the test of democracy.”

“We will strengthen our police and will increase its capacity to intervene” against the demonstrators, he stated.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the Justice and Development Party decided to organize new mass gatherings starting from Friday in three other main cities in Turkey under the banner of “Defending the Government.”

Erdogan’s speech comes at a time when anti-government protests enter their nineteenth day, while the cabinet vows to deploy the army to quell the demonstrators.


Turks hold ‘standing man’ protest

Press TV

Turkish protesters find a new form to express their opposition to the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, standing still and staring straight ahead for hours.

The novel move began on Monday evening after a man, named Erdem Gunduz, started his one-man silent protest in Istanbul’s iconic Taksim Square.

He took up his position in the middle of the Square, which has been the scene of heavy clashes between police and protesters over tha past days. After five hours, the man was still there while his hands were in his pockets and a bag at his feet.

Reports about the “standing man” spread quickly on social media. He was then joined by hundreds of people who also stood still at the Square for hours.

Turkish police arrested 500 people during anti-government protests in the capital, Ankara, and Istanbul on Sunday and continued to spray tear gas and water at clusters of demonstrators.

Two of Turkey’s main trade unions began a nationwide strike on Monday in protest at a police raid on a protester camp in Istanbul’s Gezi Park.

The strike by Turkish union confederations, DISK and KESK, comes a day after Erdogan defended his crackdown on an Istanbul park protest.


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