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Syria: Army progresses & Russia, ‘we won’t allow imposing a no-fly zone’

Syrian Army Progresses towards Al-Bahdaleyya South-East Sayyeda Zeinab Shrine

Al Manar

Syrian Army units inflicted the terrorist gunmen heavy losses on Monday in a series of concentrated military operations against their gatherings in several towns of Damascus countryside, SANA news agency reported.

Dozens of terrorists were killed including leaders of militant groups.

A high rank official told SANA that scores of militants were killed in Halboon town affiliated to al-Tall region. Among them was the Saudi Abdullah al-Mahwes and Ali Snobar dubbed ‘Abo Mohyeddine’, leader of the so-called Khaled Bin al-Waleed battalion.

The source added that army units killed Malik Jirodiya, leader of an armed group, in the farmlands surrounding al-Ahmadiyya in East Ghotta, and destroyed weapons and ammunition including heavy anti-aircraft machinegun of 23mm.

Moreover, the Syrian army also chased a militant group south of Sayyeda Zeinab (as) region towards al-Bahdaleyya town in Damascus countryside.

Another source told SANA that the engagement with the militant group has left several militants killed and others wounded.

The source noted that chasing militants who fled away towards al-Bahdaleyya will be continued in order to eliminate them.


Russia: We Won’t Allow Imposing a no-Fly Zone in Syria

Al Manar

The spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Ocahevch asserted that Russia will not allow imposing a no-fly zone in Syria.

“We will not permit such scenarios, and these maneuvers on a fly-zone and humanitarian passages in Syria are caused by the lack of respect for the International Law,” he said at a press conference.

Ocahevch pointed out that the Russian stance towards these issues is principled and clear. “We have seen how they imposed no-fly zones in Libya, so we will not allow repeating the same scenarios in Syria,” he added.

The Russian diplomat clarified that the S-300 deal had been signed but has not been carried out yet, stressing that Russia does not violate the international laws by supplying weapons to the Syrian government.

Ocahevch described arming the militants in Syria as a serious tendency that helps escalating violence in that country. “The Syrian crisis cannot be settled by double stances- refusing the military track on one hand and arming the militants on the other,” he stated.

Commenting on the Egyptian presidential decision to cut the ties with Syrian government, Ocahevch considered that this decision does not reflect the positive role of Egypt in the regional efforts to settle the Syrian crisis.

In a different context, Ocahevch announced that the decision to deploy Russian troops in the Golan Heights to replace the Austrian power has not been taken yet.

“The main condition to implement this decision is when Syria, the Zionist entity, and the United Nations approve it,” he said.

“Then you will see how the decision will be implemented faithfully,” Ocahevch told the reporters.


Putin: Russia Arming Legitimate Gov’t in Syria, West Arming Organ-Eaters

Al Manar

Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed the Western countries for arming foreign-backed militants fighting the Syrian government, warning that such move contradicts basic human values since the armed groups are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

During a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday, Putin said: “You will not deny that one does not really need to support the people who not only kill their enemies, but open up their bodies, eat their intestines in front of the public and cameras. Are these the people you want to support? Is it them who you want to supply with weapons? Then this probably has little relation to humanitarian values that have been preached in Europe for hundreds of years.”

Putin was referring to video footage surfaced on the Internet last month of a militant eating what appeared to be the heart of a dead Syrian soldier.
In an interview with Time magazine on May 14, the cannibal militant, known by his nom de guerre Abu Sakkar, confirmed that the video is real and that he did indeed take a bite of the soldier’s lung. Human Rights Watch said it was a war crime.

Putin said that Russia by contrast was arming the legitimate government of Syria
“We are not breaching any rules and norms and we call on all our partners to act in the same fashion,” he said.

Speaking after a difficult meeting with Putin in Northern Ireland, Cameron claimed both men were in agreement on the need to end the human catastrophe of the Syrian crisis. But there was little to suggest the two men made progress on how to convene a fresh Syrian peace conference in Geneva, let alone who should attend, or its agenda.

“There are very big differences between the analysis we have of what happened in Syria and who is to blame but where there is common ground is that we both see a humanitarian catastrophe,” Cameron said.

“What I take from our conversation today is that we can overcome these differences if we recognize that we share some fundamental aims: to end the conflict, to stop Syria breaking apart, to let the Syrian people decide who governs them and to take the fight to the extremists and defeat them,” he said.


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