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Syria: Austrian UNDOF officer confirms large-scale Israeli support of terrorists

Austrian UNDOF Officer withdrawn from Golan Confirms Large-Scale Israeli Support of Terrorists

by Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- An Austrian military officer who worked within the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Highs revealed to the Palestinian newspaper Al-Manaar, that Israel is providing large-scale support for the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

UNDOF Officer confirms Large-Scale Israeli Support and Direct Military Aggression against Syrian Sites. The Austrian military officer, who declines to reveal his name, but who is known to Al-Manaar, told Al-Manaar that the scale of Israel´s support to the armed terrorist groups, which is spread through villages in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan is very large, and that the support includes all logistic, military and medical fields.

The officer, belonging to the withdrawing Austrian UNDOF battalion made the statement while being in Palestine, waiting for further transport home to Austria. The officer also affirmed the existence of a joint operations room between armed terrorist gangs and Israel. The joint operation room has the function to coordinate the delivery of assistance to the terrorists.

The Austrian UNDOF officer added, that staff at this operations room also coordinated the entry of injured terrorists into Israel, where injured terrorists are admitted to hospitals in the nearby Israeli settlements. The officer explicitly cited the Zeif hospital in Safed.

Al-Manaar quoted the Austrian officer as saying, that this joint operation room is in constant contact with the Israeli military and security to facilitate the weapons transport from Israel to the terrorists. The Austrian officer pointed out, that the UNDF has information about large numbers of terrorists who have been transported to local and field hospitals over the past three months.

The Austrian officer also revealed, that the disengagement zone between Syria and Israel was used to provide support for the gunmen, many of whom he said, came to Israel from neighboring countries over the last months and then moved into the occupied Syrian Golan Highs to reinforce the terrorist groups.

The Austrian officer also pointed towards tens of media reports and statements issued by leaders of terrorist groups which clearly disclosed the scale of the Israeli coordination with and support for armed gangs, not only through logistic and military assistance, but also through direct intervention in terms of launching attacks on Syrian sites.

Reports of Israeli Weapons Deliveries Since 2011. Reports about Israeli weapons deliveries to terrorists in Syria surfaced as early as 2011.

In September 2011 a covertly recorded audio tape with the former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri surfaced. The audio recording, together with an English transcript was published on nsnbc international. The recording clearly implicates Saad Hariri in arms deliveries to Syrian insurgents.

Subsequent intelligence, derived from an intercepted telephone call, which was later confirmed by reports from a Palestinian intelligence source known to nsnbc international documented, that some of the weapons shipped to the insurgents by Hariri via Lebanon and an operations room in Turkey were Israeli weapons.

In February 2012 nsnbc international reported about a source with ties to Jordanian intelligence, who stated that a shipment of over 50 ton of Israeli military equipment, worth over USD 650 million had arrived at Erbil airport in “Kurdistan”. The weapons have reportedly been paid by “Rafael Industries”.

The Lebanese Member of Parliament, leader of the Lebanese Druze community and Chairman of the Lebanese Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, and his shuttling back and forth between Qatar, Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkey have specifically been tied to this specific arms delivery. The weapons reportedly went on route to terrorists in Homs.

The presence of covert Israeli military forces in Syria was also reported in May 2013, when an Israeli military vehicle was seized in the strategically important border town al-Qasair. Al-Qasair is a strategic border town on the Northern frontier of Lebanon. It was held by insurgents but liberated by Syrian forces in June.

In early June 2013, Syrian armed forces decisively defeated foreign-backed terrorists and insurgents in al-Qasair after a protracted battle and secured the city and the surrounding region.


Syria: Mursi’d Better Close Israeli Embassy not the Syrian

Al Manar

The Syrian government on Sunday condemned Egypt’s decision to cut ties with Damascus and back the armed opposition groups against President Bashar al-Assad, calling it an “irresponsible” move.

“The Syrian Arab Republic condemns this irresponsible position,” an unnamed Syrian official told state news agency SANA.

The official said Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi had joined the “conspiracy and incitement led by the United States and Israel against Syria by announcing the cutting of ties yesterday”.

“Syria is fully confident that this decision doesn’t reflect the will of the brotherly Egyptian people who have shared strong and firm relations with the Syrian people that have contributed to protecting security and stability in the region against all the invaders and aggressors since the dawn of history,” said the source.

He added that those ties between the Syrian and Egyptian peoples “were crowned by the October Liberation War which made an important victory for the Arab nation and people over the Israeli enemy,” noting that Mursi announced the severing of ties to deflect attention from internal crises.

“Mursi had better bubble with this excitement when announcing the closure of the Israeli embassy and cutting off ties with an enemy that is still killing the Palestinian brother right before Mursi’s very eyes and at a very short distance from Egypt,” the source indicated.

Mursi, who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood, announced Saturday the “definitive” severing of ties with Syria, and the recall of Egypt’s charge d’affaires in Damascus.


Syrian Army Regains Ahmadiyya, Restores Security to Aleppo, Hama Countrysides

Al Manar

Syrian army restored security and stability to the town of Ahmadiyya in East Ghouta of Damascus countryside and the villages of Ein Asan and Tallat al-Teen in the southern countryside of Aleppo, in addition to a number of Hama countryside villages.

In the town of Ahmadiyya, the army succeeded in killing dozens of militants and destroying their weapons and ammunition. It also pounded their bunkers in the town.

An official source told SANA news agency that the army seized control over Khamisiyya town adjacent to Ahmadiyya, inflicting the terrorists several casualties and destroying their arsenal.

A military source confirmed to Al-Manar website correspondent that the army has controlled the tunnel in Jobar in Damascus countryside, which was used by insurgents to concentrate and store ammunition.

The seizure was achieved after violent clashes during the progress of an army unit on the axis of Mowasalat – Afran near Zabaltani area.

“Ten terrorists of al-Nusra Front were killed and weapons inside the tunnel were confiscated as a result of the operation,” the source added.

Two other Syrian soldiers were wounded during clashes.

In another context, sources confirmed to Al-Manar correspondent that a terrorist sniper was killed in Harasta who was used to target travelers on Damascus-Homs international highway.

In Darya, Syrian army units continued operations at several axes within the city and have been centered on the rail road and the area around the holy shrine of Sayyeda Sokaina (as), along with Alali and Jameiyyat regions.

Dozens of militants were killed as a result, our correspondent reported.

In Aleppo and its southern countryside, the Syrian army has been able to eliminate the last points and bunkers of terrorists’ gatherings in Tallat al-Teen and Ein Asan, destroying their weapons and ammunition.

The army also eliminated armed groups located in the vicinity of the central prison of Aleppo, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their arsenal.

Also in Aleppo, a military source told SANA that army units carried out several operations within the city, one at the Qaqaa mosque in Sakhur neighborhood, which resulted in dozens of casualties amongst terrorists. The army also destroyed a warehouse of weapons and ammunition at the southwestern corner of the mosque.

Moreover, a military source said the army was able to restore security to the towns of Rasm al-Abed and Rasm al-Awabed in Hama province countryside. It also restored security to the Aqirbat town in the Hama eastern countryside after eliminating the terrorist groups affiliated to al-Nusra Front in the town.

Seizing weapons in Banias

In the meantime, Syrian Special Forces seized weapons and ammunition in farmlands in Banias city of the Tartous governorate, and arrested an armed group in the countryside trying to flee to the Lebanese territories.

A military source told SANA that, with the help of Hamidiyya residents near the Lebanese border, the Syrian army managed to arrest the most dangerous terrorist in Banias.

Hasan Sehyouni was leading a nine-militant terrorist group who were trying to flee to the Lebanese territories.

Armed group assassinates president of the Union of Peasants in Deir Ezzor

On the other hand, an armed group assassinated Shreida al-Ali, the President of the Union of Peasants in the province of Deir Ezzor, on the road to al-Mayadeen region.

“The terrorist group opened fire at Ali’s car while heading to his work in Deir Ezzor which led to his martyrdom at once,” SANA reporter quoted a provincial source as saying.


Deleted Daily Mail Online Article: “US Backed Plan for Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria to Be Blamed on Assad” (click to read)


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