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No “sacred war” in Syria but action planned by external forces-Chechnya & Al-Azhar institute refuses call for Jihad

No “Sacred War” in Syria but Action Planned by External Forces: Chechnya

Al Manar

Chechnyan President Ramzan Kadyrov indicated Saturday that the conflict in Syria had nothing to do with a “sacred war”, it was rather an action planned by some countries to overthrow the Syrian regime headed by President Bashar Al-Assad.

The Voice of Russia quoted Kadyrov as saying: “It is no secret that the so-called opposition in Syria acts under the guidance of foreign special services. No one even tries to hide it. Naturally, young people coming to Syria from Russia are a delicacy for them. One tries to recruit them. And one cannot be sure that such kind of recruiting will not be then directed against Russia.”

He added that “here is no ‘sacred war’ in Syria… There is an action clearly planned by external forces to overthrow the regime, destroy the country and liquidate its armed forces.”

The Chechnyan president further pointed out that “there are several people from Chechnya in Syria,” clarifying that “according to our data, five or six nationals of our republic died there. In the name of what? For the sake of what and who? It would be better if they stayed at home, helped their parents, raised their children, worked and studied.”

In parallel, Kadyrov stressed that “one should show on TV what ‘the Syrian opposition’ is, what it seeks and what attitude it has to Islam.”

“Our Muslim theologians say that there can be no signs of jihad in Syria. Both parties use weapons. There is a fight for power and resources. And the opposition is under the power of those who fund it, ship arms and ammunition, and send military experts,” he said.


Al-Azhar Institute Refuses Call for Jihad in Syria

Al Ahed news

Al-Azhar Institute denied the statement issued by a number of clerics who met in Cairo on Thursday calling for so-called ‘Jihad in Syria’.

Sheikh Ali Shames, along with a number of al-Azhar clerics, reiterated in a statement that al-Azhar did not participate or sign on the statement that called to so-called ‘jihad’ in Syria.

Moreover, clerics like Mohammad al-Arifi and Youssef al-Qaradawi called on for jihad in Syria, with sectarian and provocative tones that called for killing Muslims.


Syria army captures Damascus suburb

Press TV

Syrian army soldiers have captured a suburb near the international airport in the capital, Damascus, Syria’s official SANA news agency reports.

The government forces stormed several terrorist hideouts in al-Ahmadia area on Saturday, killing several foreign-backed militants.

The clashes between Syrian troops and militants in the area came two days after a mortar round hit an area near airport runway and caused brief disruption to flights.

On Friday, a number of militants were killed during intense clashes with government forces in the town of al-Ziyabiyeh on the outskirt of Damascus. A militant commander, identified as Talal al-Mandil, was reportedly among the slain gunmen.

Dozens of armed gunmen were also killed in clashes with Syrian troops in the town of al-Hejjeira.

Separately, Syrian army troops clashed with militants in the town of Jobar, located 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) northeast of Damascus, killing and injuring a number of them.

In the city of Douma, located about 10 kilometers (six miles) northeast of Damascus, Syrian soldiers raided a terrorist hideout and shot dead several militants.


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