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Palestine: Christian Cemetery defaced, diggings near Al-Maghariba Gate, violence towards Pals., demolitions & more land taken

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Settlers Deface Christian Cemetery In Jaffa

by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

[Thursday June 13 2013] a number of extremist Israel settlers carried out another Price Tag attack, this time targeting a Christian Cemetery in Jaffa, and spray-painted “Price Tag”, and “Revenge” on tombstones.

Israeli Ynet News has reported that more Price Tag graffiti were discovered on a residential building close to the cemetery, near the home of Khaled Kaboub, an Arab District Court Judge in Tel Aviv.

The Ynet added that the police initiated an investigation into the attack, and that, so far, no suspects have been apprehended.

Talking to the Ynet, attorney Ahmad Balha, stated that is a very dangerous act that shows hatred for the Arab residents of Jaffa, and strongly denounced continued attacks against sacred sites.

He added that a meeting will be held, on Thursday, to discuss measures against these serious attacks and violations.

Resident Mahmoud Eghbariyya said that this “criminal attack cannot be ignored”, and that the Israeli government and police are failing to act.

In related news, the Israeli Police revealed Wednesday [June 12 2013] that Israeli settlers carried out 165 Price Tag attacks against the Palestinians and their property, in the West Bank, and in the 1948 territories since the beginning of this year.

The attacks targeted Palestinian lands and orchards, cars, property, mosques, churches and several Islamic and Christian graveyards.


General strike in Negev protesting forced eviction of inhabitants

NEGEV, (PIC)– Arabs in the Negev desert announced a general strike on Thursday protesting the Israeli authorities’ planned forced eviction of them.

Forces in the Negev said that the strike was meant to object to the Prawer Plan on relocation and resettlement of Negev Bedouins that would be tabled with parliament soon.

They said that the protests would start with marches and demonstrations in front of the Israeli government compound in Beersheba.


‘Israel’ initiates diggings near Al-Maghariba Gate for building of Jewish center

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli antiquities authority started new diggings near Al-Maghariba Gate square in Silwan district, north of the Aqsa Mosque, as a prelude to building a huge Jewish center.

Wadi Hilwa information center said on Wednesday that the Israeli antiquities authority started its construction works on a piece of land belonging to Siyam family and erected metal poles inside holes that had been made last Monday at the entrance of a residential alley in Wadi Hilwa neighborhood.

The center added that the Israeli police escorted the Israeli workmen at the digging sites at the pretext they had permits allowing them to do their jobs. However, the workmen refused to show these permits to the residents.

Residents from Silwan district had managed to prevent two three days ago the workmen from continuing their digging works and setting up tin sheets at the entrance of their populated alley where their homes are located, but the workmen came again on Thursday under police guard and resumed the diggings.

According to the center, the Israeli occupation authority wants to establish a Jewish archaeological center of seven floors in Al-Maghariba Gate square. The center extends over an area of 3,000 square meters.


Israeli officer forces Palestinian to drink wine at gunpoint

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– An Israeli intelligence officer forced a Palestinian young man from Beit Ummar town in Al-Khalil to drink a bottle of wine at gunpoint.

The incident happened when Mohamed Abu Diya, a 24-year old young man from Safa area in Beit Ummar, was on his way back home, according to the spokesman for the popular committee against settlement in Beit Ummar Mohamed Awad.

As Abu Diya was walking near the Israeli military tower at the entrance of Beit Ummar town at around 7:15 pm on Tuesday evening, Israeli soldiers intercepted him and took him in chain to the tower before they embarked on questioning him about the names of the Palestinians who participated in recent events in Beit Ummar.

Because he was not responding to their questions as they liked, the soldiers called for an intelligence officer known in the area as Captin Sedqi who, in turn, hurled questions at him, showed him some names and asked him to identify them, but Abu Diya insisted on not giving any information.

Then the intelligence officer pointed a gun at Abu Diya’s head and forced him to drink a whole bottle of wine leading him to lose his consciousness and stay lying on the floor inside the tower for some time before the soldiers carried him and threw him out.

Some Palestinian passersby, according to spokesman Awad, spotted Abu Diya in poor shape and took him to his house.

The citizens who helped him said they found him near the tower smelling a strong odor of alcohol.

Mohamed Abu Diya had been detained and abused by the Israeli occupation forces before, and he suffered a serious injury to his head in 2009 when jailers in Ashkelon prison brutally assaulted him.


Jewish settlers use knives in assaulting Jerusalemite old woman, young man

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Jewish settlers attacked two Jerusalemites, including a 60-year-old woman and a young man, while walking opposite the Maghareba gate in Silwan.

Majd Halisy said on Wednesday that six settlers attacked his uncle’s wife Hayam Halisy, 60, and a young man using pepper guns and sharp tools.

He said that the settlers, 17 to 30 years in age, also used a knife in attacking the young man.

In another incident, Halisy said that a group of four settlers broke into his home and that of his cousin in Silwan and when he shouted at them they ran away. He added that he tried to follow them but he saw them chase another Jerusalemite with knives in their hands.


Health of Abdullah al-Barghouthi deteriorates further at Afula hospital

NABLUS, (PIC)– The heath condition of the prisoner of Abdullah al-Barghouthi, held at Afula hospital under harsh conditions, has seriously deteriorated where he refused to have medical tests or to take vitamins, the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) reveled.

Al-Barghouthi, who declared a hunger strike since early May, is held handcuffed and shackled to his bed in the hospital suffering frequent lightheadedness and pains all over his body, the PPS lawyer confirmed following his visit to the hunger striker.

The hunger striker told the lawyer that the Israeli jailers prevented him from wearing the hospital cloths or to take shower, holding him shackled to the bed.

Five Jordanian prisoners, led by Abdullah al-Barghouthi, have been on hunger strike since May 2013 to demand transfer to a Jordanian prison to serve out their sentences. They are also demanding that Israel reveals the whereabouts of 20 Jordanian prisoners who have disappeared whilst in Israeli custody, and the return of the remains of others killed during fighting with Israel who have been thrown into numbered graves.


IOF demolishes two houses, farm building in Jenin

JININ, (PIC)– Israeli bulldozers demolished on Wednesday two homes, a livestock farm building and a room under construction in the village of Barta’a, south if Jenin.

Nearly 20 Israeli military vehicles and bulldozers stormed the village, erected checkpoint at its entrance, and started demolishing the houses and a farm building for livestock and poultry, as well as a room which is under construction, all of which belong to Ahmed Omar Qabaha.

The Israeli forces claimed that the two houses, totaling 170 square meters, were built without permit in area C that is under Israeli control, the sources said.

The sources pointed out that the Israeli forces threatened to demolish every house built in the area.

Ahmad Omar Qabaha, the houses’ owner, said that the Israeli authorities have handed him earlier a demolition order, saying that all houses in the area are threatened with demolition.

The Israeli authorities escalated demolition and confiscation policy in the village in order to displace its people after being isolated since ten years behind the Apartheid Wall.

A B’Tselem report noted that Area C is home to an estimated 180,000 Palestinians, and the Israeli authorities’ planning and construction policy almost completely ignores their needs by refusing to recognize most of the villages in the area.


Israeli scheme to expand 9 settlements in WB

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli government has approved a plan to expand 9 settlements in the West Bank, most notably Borjan west of Salfit northern West Bank.

The so-called Supreme Israeli Council for organization, the settlement subcommittee in Bethel City Administration, declared a new settlement project to build new settlement units in 9 West Bank settlements.

Khalil Tafakji, director of the maps section at the Orient House in occupied Jerusalem, said that this settlement project includes the establishment of 550 new housing units.

He also pointed to the presence of another Israeli scheme (No. 163/3) to expand Itamar settlement built on land of the Palestinian village of Awarta. The project includes changing agricultural land to residential land, he added.

He affirmed that this settlement project stretches along five square kilometers over Nablus and Jordan Valley land, where a number of outposts were already built.

According to the plan, Borjan illegal settlement will be expanded to five times its size, where it will include 550 new housing units in addition to playgrounds and commercial centers over 2572 dunums.

Al-Tufkaji pointed out that the Israeli authorities legalized the settlement in April 2012 as a prelude to implement this scheme, saying that the settlement includes currently 100 housing units that will be doubled within one year.


IOA plans building 675 new housing units south of Nablus

NABLUS, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is planning to expand many West Bank settlements and the latest plan was to build 675 new housing units south of Nablus.

Yediot Ahronot newspaper said on Wednesday night that the new plan envisages expanding a number of settlements in the West Bank at a rate of 100%.

It said that the new housing units would be added to Itamar settlement established on lands owned by villagers in Beit Furik and Orta villages, south of Nablus.

It said that the building would increase the area of Itamar, inhabited by 100 families, by 100%, noting that former war minister Ehud Barak had authorized the building before the latest parliamentary elections.

The scheme stipulates building 538 new units and rehabilitating 137 others that were already built.


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