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Zionist troops violate Lebanon’s sovereignty, pass technical fence at Abbasiyah


Al Manar

A Zionist military unit passed the technical fence between Lebanon and the Occupied Palestine on Wednesday and entered the Lebanese border town of Abbasiyah, Al-Manar Website correspondent reported.

The Zionist unit was guarded by two Merkava tanks and one military bulldozer.

Enemy troops arrived close to the town residential units in a disputed area amid alert at the Lebanese army side, the correspondent added.

The violation was followed by a UNIFIL call for extra force to the Abbasiyah in order to separate between the enemy and the Lebanese army during the exchanged alert.

Last April, the Lebanese Army Command foiled an attempt by another Zionist unit to perpetuate the occupation of the northern part of the border town of al-Ghajar.

The Zionist troops tried to fence the three-direction town perimeters by barbed wires, which the Lebanese Army rejected and warned of severe reactions.

Since the 2006 July war on Lebanon, the Zionist entity has spared no chance to violate the Lebanese sovereignty in flagrant breachings of the UN resolution 1701.


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