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Yemen seizes more Turkish-made arms

Press TV

Yemeni authorities have seized a boat attempting to smuggle Turkish-made weapons near the strait of Bab al-Mandab in the south.

According to Yemen’s official news agency Saba, authorities seized the weaponry on June 6.

Yemen’s Taizz region commander Ali Mussed Hussain told the news agency that the army had captured some 300 boxes of weapons. He also said that 15,000 Turkish-made colt pistol parts were among the weapons on the boat.

The Yemeni commander added that the army had also carried out a raid in the coastal village of al-Jadid, where two caches of arms and smuggled items were discovered.

Last month, Yemen’s Defense Ministry announced that the army had captured a boat carrying 20,000 Turkish-made guns in the coastal regions of the country.

Over the past months, at least four illegal shipments of Turkish-made weaponry have been seized by Yemeni authorities.


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