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Palestine: Netanyahu says it’s Anti-Semitism to accuse ‘Israel’ of war crimes, bulldozers raze land & demolition notifications

IOA bulldozers raze land in Tur to serve settlement project

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) bulldozed Palestinian fields in Khilat Al-Ein area between Tur and Issawiya village in occupied Jerusalem and arrested a Palestinian for trying to stop the bulldozers.

Local sources said that Israeli occupation forces arrested Khader Abul Humus, a member of the follow up committee in Issawiya, for participating along with others in confronting the bulldozers.

The sources said that the Israeli bulldozers were destroying cultivated land to pave the way for constructing streets serving the serious settlement project E1, which targets seizing more than 700 dunums in the area and practically isolates Jerusalem from the West Bank.

Raed Abu Rayala, the spokesman for the follow up committee in Issawiye, said that the IOA was planning to build parks for settlers in the area over 740 dunums.

IOA bulldozers recently demolished a number of houses for Palestinian citizens in Khilat Al-Ein to wipe out any Palestinian presence in the area.


IOA serves demolition notifications in Silwan

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli municipality teams accompanied by occupation forces served demolition notifications in Silwan suburb in occupied Jerusalem on Monday.

The Wadi Hilwa information center said that the teams took shots of Silwan suburbs, alleys and houses then glued the notifications on a number of them.

It said that the team glued one such notification on a car wash and another on Wadi Hilwa playground, where no building is established.

The center pointed out that the threatened buildings include several apartments and their demolition would render dozens of people homeless.


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