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Bahrain: 15-year-old sentenced to five years in prison for “burning trashcan”

(File photo)

Al Ahed news

A Bahraini Court sentenced a 15-year-old child named Hussein al-Hawaj to five years in jail for arson, while it acquitted many who murdered peaceful protesters.

15-year-old al-Hawaj was accused of burning a garbage can.

For its part, an official in the opposition’s al-Wefaq Association had stated, “Hussein’s sentence to prison is shameful,” adding that the regime has not presented any positive outlines for dialogue and obstructs it.

On another note, legal activists reported that “No news was heard of a Bahraini detainee sentenced to life in prison since eight days, while the Joe Prison Service prohibited his family from seeing or calling him.”

Moreover, Al-Wefaq affirmed, “The detainee Kamil al-Manami’s family is highly concerned because no one heard from him for eight days.”

The Association further demanded the Prison Service to reveal his condition and allow him to communicate with his family.


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