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Army restores security to villages in Al-Qusayr & Hague: Gains “make peace talks harder”

Army Restores Security to Al-Buweida Al-Sharqiya Village in Al-Qusayr

Al Manar

Syrian Army on Saturday restored security and stability to Al-Buweida Al-Sharqiya village in Al-Qusayr, Homs countryside, after eliminating the last gatherings of terrorists there, Syrian News Agency, SANA reported, pointing out that “a large number of terrorists were killed while deadly weapons were destroyed.”

SANA added that “the Army is going ahead in removing the debris of destruction and the barricades set up by the terrorists, while the engineering units are dismantling the explosives planted by the terrorists on the roads.”

The official news agency further reported that “units of the Syrian Army clashed with Armed terrorist groups in Jobar in Damascus countryside and inflicted major losses on them.

It added that “a unit of the Syrian Army eliminated an armed terrorist group dubbed “Belief Battalion” in Barzeh woods, including a Saudi terrorist,” indicating that “another army unit also clashed with an armed terrorist group in the town of Hatitat Al-Turkman.”

Clashes also fell with terrorist groups that were committing looting and murder acts in the town of Al-Mure’yeh, Al-Sina’a neighborhood and Fuad Street.

Similar clashes in Deir Ezzor countryside, Al-Salamyeh countryside in Hama Province, Kulaib Al-Soud, Daraa, and Idlib countryside, killing large number of militants from Al-Nusra Front.


Gains by Syrian Regime “Make Peace Talks Harder”: Hague

Al Manar

British Foreign Secretary William Hague considered on Sunday that gains made by the regime in the Syrian conflict this week made it harder to organize a peace conference and to make it a success.

He said it was “worrying and depressing” that the so-called Geneva talks were not taking place this month, reiterating that the world must do more for Syria.

“The regime has gained ground on the ground, again at the cost of huge loss of life and the indiscriminate use of violence against the civilian population,” Hague claimed, in reference to the decisive battle which took place between the Syrian Army and terrorists in Al-Qusayr, leaving large numbers of casualties in the ranks of the latter.

“That makes the Geneva conference harder to bring about and to make a success. It makes it less likely that the regime will make enough concessions in such negotiations, and it makes it harder to get the opposition to come to the negotiations,” Hague added.

“The way the position on the ground is changing in Syria at the moment isn’t helping us bring about a political and diplomatic (solution),” he said.

Asked if he believed the Geneva talks would happen at all, Hague said: “We’re working on that. We’re in intensive discussions with the US and of course with Russia and the UN about this.”


Syrian Army Initiates “Storm of North” in Aleppo

Al Manar

A military source told Al-Manar website that the Syrian Arab Army initiated Sunday morning a wide military operation dubbed “Storm of the North”, which is aimed at regaining Aleppo and its countryside.

The source added that the Syrian Army started advancing early morning and had several achievements in the following regions: Kafar Hamra, Haryatan, Andan, Hayyan, Sheikh Maqsood Syria, Bustan Al-Basha, Bustan Al-Qasr, and Al-Ameriya.

Terrorists are widely present in these regions, as large numbers are located in Haryatan, Kafar Hamra, and Al-Atrab.


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