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Syrian army regains armed groups’ last bastion in Al-Qusayr & Russia slams the US for distorting the results of the talks

Syrian Army Regains Armed Groups’ Last Bastion in Al-Qusayr

Al Manar

The Syrian Army has now recaptured all al-Qusayr and its countryside as its forces regained the village of eastern al-Bowayda, the last bastion for the foreign-backed militants fighting the Syrian government.

Official news agency, SANA, reported that the Syrian Army “on Saturday restored security and stability to eastern al-Bowayda village in al-Qusayr, Homs countryside, after eliminating the last gatherings of terrorists there.”

The agency quoted an official as saying that “a large number of terrorists were killed while their criminal equipment was destroyed” during the operation.

The “Army is going ahead in removing the debris of destruction and the barricades set up by the terrorists, while the engineering units are dismantling the explosives planted by the terrorists on the roads,” SANA added.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Syrian Army regained the city of al-Qusayr after an operation in which the armed groups fled to the neighboring villages of Daba’a and eastern al-Bowayda.

On Thursday the Syrian army recaptured the town of Daba’a, and later on Friday it took control of al-Maso’udieh and al-Salhieh towns.


Russia slams the US for distorting results of trilateral talks on Syria

Press TV

Russia’s foreign minister has censured the US Department of State officials for their ‘peculiar comment’ on the results of a trilateral meeting over Syria in Geneva.

The trilateral meeting on Wednesday was held with the participation of UN-Arab League Special Representative for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi and representatives from Russia and the United States. It served as a preparatory move to pave the way for the Geneva 2 talks on the issue of Syria.

During a Thursday press conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, “I have heard that officials from the US Department of State have given a very peculiar comment on the results of yesterday’s meeting in Geneva between Russia, US, and UN.”

“In particular, the State Department representative stated that Russia, the United States and the United Nations agree that the goal of the new conference in Geneva must be the forming of a new transitional government in Syria. This really matches with what was written down last year,” he said.

“But, if the reports that I have received are true, the State Department went on to add that this should be a transitional government to which the current authorities in Damascus would hand over all their powers. If this was really said by the State Department, this is a very strong distortion of what the talks were about,” the Russian foreign minister added.

He made the remarks in response to an earlier statement by Jennifer Psaki, a spokesperson for the US Department of State, where she reportedly claimed that participants in the preparatory meeting had agreed that the forthcoming talks on Syria should focus on the formation of a transitional government, to which the current administration should give up all powers.

Lavrov further reiterated that Moscow would continue to push for Iran’s participation in the upcoming Geneva meeting despite opposition from some Western states.

Meanwhile, Brahimi has expressed hope that the Geneva conference would convene in July, as the preparatory meeting failed to set a date.


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