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Syrian army foils terrorist operations in Quneitra, controls Dabaa

Syrian Army Foils Terrorist Operations in Quneitra, Controls Dabaa

Al Manar

The Syrian Army frustrated an attempt by terrorists to take control over Quneitra crossing in occupied Golan, Syrian News Agency SANA reported on Thursday.

The Syrian official news agency, quoted an official source as saying that military units left large numbers of casualties in the ranks of militants, and traced the rest in Al-Qahtaniyah village.

For his part, the UN spokesman said that two peacekeepers, from India and the Philippines, suffered “minor injuries” in shelling in Golan. However, he did not specify the part behind the attack, and whether it was related to the clashes between the Syrian Army and armed groups in the region.

In another context, the Syrian Army recaptured Thursday night Al-Dabaa town, close to North of Al-Qusayr, and cleansed it from terrorists.In parallel, SANA reported that the Syrian Army left large numbers of casualties in the ranks of armed groups in several operations in Hujaira, Saqba, Adra, and Nabak in Damascus countryside, and indicated that among the casualties were foreign fighters who fought with the armed groups in Syria.

The Syrian Army also traced militants in Al-Harak and Western Al-Maleeha in Daraa countryside, and left casualties in the ranks, and among the casualties was leader of the so-called “Eastern Al-Maleeha Martyrs”, Nizar Mohammad Abdul Razzaq Al-Haraki.


Zionist Entity Wary of Security in Syria’s Golan

Al Manar

After new clashes between Syrian troops and terrorist militiamen in the Golan, and Austria’s announced withdrawal from a UN monitoring force, the Zionist entity became more concerned about security along the ceasefire line with Syria.

The occupation forces remained on high alert in the region on Friday, bringing up reinforcements of tanks and troops, and readying an anti-tank missile unit, Zionist media said.

That came after Austria said it would withdraw peacekeepers from the UN force, citing deteriorating security, and the Philippines said it was studying a similar move after one of its soldiers was wounded in the fierce fighting on Thursday.

The Quneitra crossing between the Zionist and Syrian sides of the armistice line was briefly seized by mercenaries’ groups and then recaptured by government troops a few hours later.

Zionist army spokesman Captain Arye Shalicar told Agence France Presse on Thursday that his entity is watching very closely what’s happening there, and that “we (the Zionists) have to be ready for any development. We hope there won’t be any spillover into Israel.”

“It is very worrying because, on the one hand, you have jihadists and Islamists who are fighting there (on the insurgents’ side) and, on the other hand, you also have government forces which are allied with Hezbollah.”

Quneitra, the only crossing along the ceasefire line, is used almost exclusively by residents of the Zionist-occupied Golan Heights who were allowed to cross over to study and work.

Insurgents tried to seize control over the border in order to limit the residents’ move and take advantage of its strategic position to smuggle weapons and terrorists.

The crossing remained closed on Friday.


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