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Syrian army recaptures Al-Qusayr, foreign-backed militants flee

Syrian army recaptures Al-Qusayr, foreign-backed militants flee

Al Manar

Syrian Army launched at dawn on Wednesday a successful operation in which it totally controlled the city of al-Qusayr.

As Syrian media confirmed that the Syrian Army was totally controlling the city, international news agencies reported that the Syrian opposition militants announced their withdrawal of al-Qusayr.

Al-Manar correspondent, Youssef Cheaitou, reported there was collapse within the ranks of the foreign-backed militants fighting the Syrian government.
He said that the armed groups fled the city to the northern towns of Daba’a and Bowayda.

Later on, the correspondent reported that the Syria Army was launching combing operations in the northern neighborhoods of al-Qusayr.
For its part, Reuters news agency said that Syrian opposition militants announced their withdrawal from the city, as Agence France Presse, (AFP) reported the same development.

“Syria’s rebels conceded on Tuesday they had lost the battle for the strategic town of al-Qusayr,” AFP said.

On the other hand, the London-based opposition observatory said that “Hezbollah fighters were now controlling al-Qusayr.
“Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said fighters from Hezbollah were in control of the town”, AFP said.


Injured Syrian Militiaman Dies on Way to Zionist Hospital

Al Manar

A wounded Syrian died on his way to a hospital in northern occupied territories of Palestine after crossing the border to seek medical treatment, the hospital said on Wednesday.

Another Syrian militant who was also taken to the hospital at the same time had been operated on and was in stable condition, hospital spokeswoman Yael Shavit told Agence France Presse.

”A wounded Syrian who was travelling in a military ambulance died before reaching Ziv hospital” in the northern Galilee town of Safed, she said.

Zionist army radio later confirmed that both patients were Syrian insurgents fighting against the national army in the border city of al-Qusayr.

Shavit stated that Ziv hospital had treated 16 Syrians injured in fighting in the Golan Heights over the past three months.

On Monday, Zionist Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon confirmed reports that the army had opened a field hospital in the occupied Golan Heights to treat wounded mercenaries crossing the border.

“It’s a humanitarian move, but Israel has no intention of opening a refugee camp,” he claimed…


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