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Palestine: Israeli discrimination, mass graves dating back to the Nakba discovered, church vandalized & raids east of Gaza

“The Police Shot Me, Then Cuffed Me”, Says Victim Of Bank Attack

by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

A young Palestinian man, from the Negev, who was shot and seriously injured by Israeli Police fire when an armed Israeli man attacked the Hapoalim Bank in Beersheba, on Monday May 20, stated that the Israeli Police shot and cuffed him, after instantly profiling him as the assailant.

The Israeli man killed four persons, and then killed himself, after the bank refused to give him a 6000 NIS loan. The Arab man, Omar Al-Waleedy, 22, was shot by four live rounds leading to serious injuries.

Israeli Ynetnews has reported that Al-Waleedy, remained on life support for ten days, and when he told his story, the Police said that “his version was inconsistent with the outcome of the investigation”.

He said that he hid under a table, fearing for his life when he saw the gunman, but when the Police stormed the bank, they shot and wounded him.
In his testimony, Al-Waleedy said; “I though the Police arrived to save me from the killer who killed four, but they shot me”.

From his hospital bed in Soroka Israeli hospital in Beersheba (Be’er As-Sabe’), Al-Waleedy said; “I arrived at the bank with my Jewish friend, Iran Sabri, in order to open an account for him, all of a sudden, a white-bearded man stormed into the Bank and opened fire in different directions”.

“I laid onto the ground, pretending to be dead; the attacker took a female employee hostage, and went to the toilets, then my friend and I rushed to the main door of the Bank”, he said, “The Police allowed my friend to pass, but they shot me, then they handcuffed me before evacuating the bank building”.

Following the incident, the Police claimed that eyewitness testimonies indicate that the Police “did not open fire at Al-Waleedy during the attack”.

On Thursday at night, May 31, the family of Al-Waleedy forced Police investigators out of his hospital room, and refused to allow them to interrogate him.

They asked the police to allow him to rest, and recover; the Police then arrested four.

One of the relatives said that the Police “was adding insult to injury” by trying to question Al-Waleedy on his hospital bed, “injustice took place the moment they shot him and took him to hospital in handcuffs”, he said.

According to Ynet, the police said that the fact the Al-Waleedy was unconscious made it impossible for the investigators to question him.

The Police also stated that crime scene investigation led to the conclusion that the Police “did not open fire at Al-Waleedy at any time during the attack”, the Ynet said, and added that a source at the Soroka Medical center indicated that “it is possible that Al-Waleedy was shot by the same gun that killed the four victims.”


Mass graves of Palestinians killed in 1948 Nakba discovered in Jaffa

Al Akhbar

Six mass grave sites dating back to the 1936 Palestinian uprising and the 1948 Nakba were discovered around the Jaffa cemetery, the al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage reported Wednesday, revealing hundreds of bodies of Palestinians killed by Zionist forces.

“During [the foundation’s] repair and maintenance work on the [Kazkhana] cemetery, we discovered nozzles to dig into the ground where we found the mass graves…including hundreds of skeletons and human remains of rebels, martyrs and civilians who perished during the Nakba,” head of the Islamic Movement in Jaffa, Sheikh Mohammed Najem, said in the report.

The foundation has proved the remains date back to the victims killed in the 1948 war, whether from bombings and shelling of residential neighborhoods or snipers located around the city, the report said.

“The Kazkhana cemetery has exposed the historical facts that Israel has tried to hide and erase for over 65 years relating to the massacres committed by Zionist gangs during the 1948 Palestinian Nakba,” it read.

“These mass graves have banished all doubts of the certainty of oral histories collected by historians of people who lived through the Nakba of 1948 and parts of the war documenting massacres in Jaffa and its suburbs,” the report added.

Some of the recorded histories document eyewitnesses witnessing piles of bodies scattered around in all of Jaffa’s neighborhoods, which were buried in mass graves due to the violent circumstances at the time.

The report shares an eyewitness account explaining how the residents of Jaffa were forced to move bodies to the cemetery and bury them in mass graves as the town was being heavily bombarded by Zionist forces.

“The foundation will continue to conduct research and scientifically test the remains…to send media messages to the whole world that Israel is built on the skulls of the Palestinian people,” Abed al-Majid Ighbariya, the head of the files on holy sites of the foundation, said.

The Nakba, or “Catastrophe,” refers to the expropriation and mass expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland by Zionists.


Jewish extremists vandalize Jerusalem church

Al Akhbar

Anti-Christian graffiti was daubed on the Church of the Dormition, one of Jerusalem’s leading pilgrimage sites, early on Friday, an AFP correspondent witnessed.

Police said they suspected Jewish religious extremists of spraying the Hebrew-language insults at the site, where tradition says the Virgin Mary died.

“The attack, suspected to be nationalistically motivated, was discovered on the wall of the Dormition Church in the Old City, and the tires of cars nearby were slashed,” police Micky Rosenfeld told AFP.

The words “price tag” and “Christians are apes” were scrawled in Hebrew on the walls of the church, Rosenfeld said, adding police were investigating the incident.

An AFP correspondent said “Jesus is a monkey” was also written on the door to the adjacent cemetery, part of the church complex.

Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna denounced the attack, noting that the abbey sheltered monks who sent a message of peace and love to all.

He condemned repeated attacks by Israeli settlers against Islamic and Christian property, but said Palestinians would remain steadfast in defending holy sites.

“Price tag” is a euphemism for hate crimes by Israeli extremists, which normally target Palestinians and Arabs.

Initially carried out in response for state moves to dismantle unauthorized settler outposts, they have become increasingly unrelated to any specific government measures.

The attacks tend to involve the vandalism or destruction of Palestinian property and have included multiple arson attacks on cars, mosques and olive trees.

Perpetrators are rarely caught.

At first, the attacks were predominantly in the West Bank, but they have expanded over time to include sites inside Israel and in Jerusalem, where a number of Christian sites have been targeted.

In December, vandals sprayed anti-Christian graffiti on Jerusalem’s Monastery of the Cross and at an Armenian cemetery, in an apparent price tag attack by Jewish extremists.

On May 13, vandals believed to be Jewish extremists desecrated graves and damaged property in a West Bank village.

Following the killing of a settler by a Palestinian in April, settlers went on the rampage, stoning Palestinian vehicles in the northern West Bank, including a school bus carrying children.

They also smashed windows of a mosque and set fire to Palestinian farmland.


Calls for addressing normalization schemes in WB

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– In light of the human rights calls to boycott and isolate the Israeli entity, Palestinian and Israeli businessmen have launched “Deadlock Breaking Initiative” in order to reach out for a two-state solution.

The Palestinian BDS National Committee denounced, in a press release on Wednesday, the “Deadlock Breaking Initiative”.

The committee considered the initiative as “a renewed attempt to neglect the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, foremost right of return and self-determination, in return for billions of promised dollars.

“The initiative shall hold the Israeli occupation the primary beneficiary of the deal, while a handful of capitalist Palestinians looking out to their own interests, accepting dependency on Israeli economy, are to be the second beneficiaries.” The committee indicated.

In light of the worldwide boycott movement, most recently was the celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking’s decision to boycott the Presidential Conference, an annual event hosted by Israeli president Shimon Peres, the Palestinian businessman Munib al-Masri was among the most prominent names in the conference, the statement said.

The committee confirmed that there is a significantly escalation in normalization in West Bank in contrast to the Palestinian people’s position towards normalization.

Following the Israeli aggression on Gaza in 2009, Jerusalem University Council decided to boycott the Israeli universities; however the university administration has continued normalizing with the occupation universities.

Normalization has also targeted the sports field, where a friendly football match was programmed between an Israeli and Palestinian sports teams in light of the National and Islamic students forces’ repeated call to put an end to the academic normalization.

The committee statement also noted to the normalization project promoted by the Palestinian health minister and Ambassador to Australia with the Israeli Hadassah Foundation.

On the other hand, Palestinian and Israeli companies have recently allied at a conference in “Tel Aviv” under the title: “There are no trade barriers” regardless to the Israeli daily barriers and checkpoints throughout West Bank.

Palestinian BDS National Committee appealed to the Palestinian people and institutions in all places of their presence around the world to mobilize determination to immediately respond in a firm and peaceful way to all forms of normalization.


IOF raids east of Gaza and opens heavy fire at farmers

GAZA, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Thursday morning raided southeast of Gaza City amid heavy gunfire.

An eyewitness reported that the Israeli forces on several military vehicles and accompanied by bulldozers moved from the east of the town of Johr Dik southeast of Gaza City towards the village’s lands.

He added that the troops breached the border by around 300 meters of citizens’ lands, and started opening fire towards the farmers and bulldozing their agricultural lands, under the intensive cover of the surveillance drones.

This incursion is to be added to the series of the continued Israeli violations of the truce agreement, signed in 21 November 2012 between the Palestinian resistance factions and the Israeli occupation under Egyptian auspices.

Since November, five Palestinians have been killed, while dozens have been arrested or wounded by IOF gunfire. The occupation also continued to attack and arrest fishermen and confiscated a number of fishing boats in the Gaza Sea.


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