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Bahraini condemnations following kidnap, torture of Rida al-Ghasra & court acquits two policemen of killing protester

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Bahraini Condemnations Following Kidnap, Torture of Rida al-Ghasra

Alahed news

Bahraini opposition’s al-Wefaq Association and al-Wafaa Movement warned of torturing the citizen Rida al-Ghasra, after he was arbitrarily arrested in Bani Jamra north-west Bahrain.

In a statement, al-Wefaq expressed its concern on the citizen Rida al-Ghasra who was arrested on Friday.
Al-Wefaq’s Human Rights facility clarified that al-Ghasra was arrested in an alarming manner; In Bani Jamra, he was surprised by civilian and security cars surrounding him, and al-Ghasra was witnessed on the ground surrounded by security forces.

Witnesses further reported that he had been beaten brutally and moved to an unknown place. For its part, Islamic al-Wafaa Movement warned that the young man’s life is in danger.

“The regime had kidnapped al-Ghasra in an intelligence ambush,” the Movement stated, stressing that al-Ghasra was tortured because he backed his people’s cause.

The Movement further called for saving al-Ghasra from brutal distress.

Al-Ghasra’s family, however, called on all local and international legal figures and organizations to quickly intervene to save Rida, fearing that the regime forces would kill him.


Bahraini court acquits two policemen of killing protester

Press TV

A Bahraini court has cleared two police officers, who were accused of killing an anti-regime demonstrator, of all charges in another act of injustice against protesters.

According to a judicial source, an appeals court in Bahrain on Sunday acquitted the two officers of shooting dead a demonstrator in November 2011, AFP reported.

In a separate case, the court also reduced to six months a seven-year jail term given to a police officer in January for killing a protester.

The officer was accused of beating an anti-regime demonstrator to death in 2011.

A number of Bahraini police officers are being investigated or are on trial for torturing detainees after hundreds of protesters were arrested when security forces crushed the protests in March that year.

The authorities say they are implementing the recommendations of an independent commission of inquiry appointed by the king that confirmed allegations of excessive use of force by security forces during the unrest…


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