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Palestine: Israeli soldiers shoot boy in chest, UNESCO delegation’s visit cancelled & attack on village


Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian boy in chest

Press TV

Israeli troops have shot and critically injured a Palestinian boy in the chest in the occupied West Bank, according to Palestinian security and hospital sources.

The troopers of the Israeli regime shot 12-year-old Atta Mohammed Sharadeh on Tuesday outside the Jelazoun refugee camp, near Ramallah, AFP reported.

Palestinian paramedics said Sharadeh was hit in the chest and the bullet exited through his back. The boy was transported to a Ramallah hospital, where he is in critical condition.

The Jelazoun refugee camp is close to the so-called Beit El Israeli settlement.

Earlier in the day, clashes had broken out between Palestinians and Israeli troops, The clashes erupted shortly after the occupying Israeli forces stormed the refugee camp.

Palestinian youths – angry over the presence of Israeli soldiers at the camp site – hurled stones and bottles at the Israeli troops, who fired live bullets in return.

Palestinian youth and children have been among the most vulnerable victims of the Israeli soldiers’ brutality in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip…


Researcher: ‘Israel’ cancels UNESCO delegation’s visit to hide its crimes

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Jerusalemite researcher Jamal Amr stated that canceling UNESCO delegation’s visit to Jerusalem by the occupation authorities aims to hide the Israeli violations.

The UNESCO delegation came under Israeli conditions after international guarantees to Israel not to prosecute its violations, he stated.

He told Quds press that the occupation rejects any international investigation of its crimes. The occupation tries to hide its violations against Arab and Islamic monuments in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalemite researcher denied the alleged victory over Israeli authorities by accepting the committee’s visit to Jerusalem. Israel managed to escape from international condemnation by canceling the 5 draft resolutions against its practices in Jerusalem.

The occupation asked not to include the Mughrabi Gate or al-Aqsa mosque within the delegation’s visit in order to hide its excavation and violations.

Hebrew media sources reported that Israel decided on Monday to cancel a planned visit by UNESCO delegation to the occupied Jerusalem.


Settlers attack a Palestinian village in the Negev

NEGEV, (PIC) — Palestinian sources in the Bedouin village of Bir Hadaj in the Negev, in the southern 1948 territories, said that Jewish extremists from Ratmim settlement attacked the village and its residents on Sunday evening.

Salman Ibn Ehmid, head of the local committee in the village, told Quds Press that a group of settlers from Ratmim settlement attacked the citizen Eid Abu Habak, and set fire to his tent and some of his properties.

The settlers closed the Western road leading to Bear Hadaj. In response, the villagers closed the eastern road to the settlement.

Ibn Ehmid added that he was attacked by one of the settlers and that confrontations erupted between the Palestinians and the Israelis; thus the occupation police forces intervened.

For his part; Arab MK Talab Abu Arar accused the Israeli police of standing by the Jewish settlers, as it arrested one of the Palestinian villagers.

He demanded the Israeli police to immediately arrest the settler who set fire to the tent, as well as the one who attacked the head of the local committee.

The town of Bir Hadaj has been recently exposed to repeated attacks by the Israeli policemen who have been storming the village in order to distribute demolition orders for a number of houses.


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