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Palestine: Excavations, demolitions, banned weapons used against demonstrators & lands burned

Excavations in the Buraq Square and Umayyad palaces

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authority has accelerated on Monday its excavation and destruction in Buraq square and Umayyad palaces south of al-Aqsa mosque as a prelude to establish the so-called “Israeli Strauss Center project”, a new Jewish-only building includes a police station and a Rabbi visitors centre.

Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage confirmed that Israeli bulldozers started digging on Monday morning in the Buraq area for the installation of steel shoring columns. The excavations led to the removal of several Arab and Islamic monuments in the area.

The occupation authority has been, for several months, carrying out extensive excavations in Umayyad palaces area as a prelude to turn it into an airport for the alleged Temple.

Al-Aqsa Foundation said that the occupation authorities seek to establish a “Talmudic Park” surrounding Al-Aqsa Mosque at the expense of al-Rahma Gate.

The occupation escalated its Judaization projects in al-Aqsa mosque aiming to build its alleged Temple on the ruins of al-Aqsa mosque the third holiest site in Islam.


Occupation demolishes 4 commercial structures west of Jenin

JENIN, (PIC)– IOF troops raided on Monday morning the village of Bartaa al-Sharqeyya which is isolated behind the apartheid wall and demolished warehouses and shops in the market area and the industrial area at the village, less than two weeks after a similar onslaught against the village.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC correspondent that military bulldozers accompanied the invading forces and started the demolition after isolating the village from its surroundings.

Residents said that the occupation forces set up a roadblock that isolated the village from Bartaa al-Gharbeyya which lies inside the green line.

Local sources said that the occupation forces demolished for commercial structures belonging to the Kabaha family.


Villagers threatened with ethnic cleansing hold a sit in outside Beit Eil court

Al-Khalil, (PIC)– Dozens of Palestinian families from eight villages south of al-Khalil, held a sit-in outside the headquarters of the Israeli Civil Administration, in Beit Eil, on Sunday afternoon, during a Court hearing to look into the appeal made ​​by the villagers against the demolition of their homes due to lack of license.

The IOF moved villagers by force hundreds of meters from the administration building while allowing settlers to attend the Court hearing.

The Israeli ministry of war decided to demolish eight Palestinian villages south of Hebron known as “Susia” villages, they are: Jazz, Taban, Wasfi, Alfkhait, Alhalawa, Almarakz, Janba and Kharouba at pretext of building without a permit.

Villagers say they are subjected to forced displacement and ethnic cleansing and the continuous attacks of Jewish settlers. The further emphasize that they will not leave their land which they inherited from their ancestors.

A number of seniors who attended the sit-in said they possess title-deeds dating back to the Ottoman era, known as the “taboo”.


IOF goes back to using banned weapons against demonstrators

NAZARETH, (PIC)– Hebrew media sources revealed that Israeli army has renewed using banned weapons during the suppression of peaceful Palestinian demonstrations in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli army used snipers to stop a Palestinian protest near Beit El settlement in the West Bank town of Ramallah last week, Maariv Hebrew newspaper stated on Sunday.

The newspaper said that the Israeli soldiers followed their leaders’ commands to open fire, using “Tutu” bullets, claiming the protestors were approaching the settlement.

It is worth mentioning that number of Israeli MKs have called for allowing Israeli soldiers to open fire towards Palestinian protesters in the West Bank especially after seeing Israeli soldiers fleeing during clashes with Palestinian youths due to their leaders’ restrictions imposed on them, they claimed.

Tutu bullets are classified by Israeli army as non-lethal weapon. However many Palestinians were killed due to being shot by Tutu bullets.

The Israeli general prosecutor has issued decisions over the past years to prevent the use of these bullets.

Israeli army had previously used snipers to stop protesters during the first and second Palestinian uprisings, killing and injuring many Palestinians.


IOF raids al-Khalil, settlers burn lands in Nablus

AL-KHALIL, NABLUS, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided Palestinian towns and villages around al-Khalil on Monday and erected military checkpoints at their entrances.

Several military vehicles raided and searched a number of houses in Beit Ummar town north of al-Khalil. No arrests were reported. The IOF also broke into Dura, Samu, and Yatta towns south of the city and set up checkpoints on their entrances, local sources confirmed.

Israeli military vehicles were stationed the entrances to Aroub refugee camp and Seir town in the city of al-Khalil, the sources added.

The Israeli military measures in the Palestinian towns around al-Khalil came a few days after clashes that erupted between the IOF and Palestinian youths led to several injuries among the Israeli soldiers and the burning of a military jeep.

Meanwhile, Israeli settlers from Gilad settlement set fire to Palestinian lands belonging to villagers from the villages of Immatin and Fara’ta in an attempt to burn the wheat crop.

Eyewitnesses said that the Israeli forces prevented the Palestinian farmers from reaching their fields to put out the fire and arrested a Palestinian villager claiming he was trying to attack the soldiers.


Israeli forces arrest 2 fishermen from Gaza

GAZA, (PIC)– Israeli navy forces detained on Sunday night two Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip.

PIC’s correspondent quoted eyewitnesses and human rights sources as saying that the two brothers Mahmoud and Khaled Zayed were arrested while fishing then were taken to an unknown location and their boat was confiscated.

The occupation forces’ attacks on fishermen in Gaza persist; including opening fire at them, confiscating their equipment, and arresting them, in violation of the truce agreement between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation which was reached with Egyptian mediation last November.

The fishing zone for Palestinians in Gaza was determined to 6 miles, as part of a ceasefire that ended an eight-day conflict between Israel and Hamas in November; however in March Israel’s army announced that the fishing zone would be reduced from six to three miles following a rocket attack.


Settlers severely beat handicapped boy near Hebron

HEBRON (Ma’an</strong>) — Settlers assaulted a 16-year-old handicapped boy in Yatta on Tuesday, leaving him with bruising all over his body, official news agency Wafa reported.

Mohammad Shawaheen, 16, was attacked east of Yatta by settlers from Maon. He was taken to hospital for treatment

Last week, settlers from Maon torched two dunams of wheat fields in the south Hebron hills, which villagers managed to prevent from spreading to nearby land and homes.

Israeli forces rarely prosecute settlers for violence against Palestinians and their property, which is routine in the occupied West Bank.


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