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Bahraini opposition: Int’l community responsible for regime torture crimes & six tweeters sentenced to one year in jail

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Bahraini Opposition: Int’l Community Responsibile for Regime Torture Crimes


Bahraini opposition’s democratic national forces held the international community “accountable for the systematic torture crimes inside and outside Bahraini detention camps, on the streets, and in places specially made for committing such crimes.”

The opposition’s Al-Wefaq, Waed, al-Ikhaa, the Nationalist, and the Unionist Associations noted the detained activist Nabil Rajab’s statement of witnessing dreadful torture methods inside detention camps against children and youth.”

“This reiterates the regime’s inhumane conduct that undermines citizens’ lives and security,” the statement released by the Bahraini opposition mentioned.

“Victims of torture in Bahrain reached thousands in the past 40 years, and it is a continuing policy that the corrupt security mentality adopts, turning security personnel into tools to commit the ugliest kinds of violation against citizens instead of protecting them,” it added.

“This holds the international community, the UN, and all organizations accountable for such organized crimes, since they must take the humanitarian, moral, and legal responsibility in this regards,” the Bahraini opposition further stated.

“The [Bahraini] regime will violate as long as the international community supports it or shows silent, in which the regime would believe is an OK to commit crimes,” it stressed.


Bahrain sentences six tweeters to one year in jail for insulting king

Press TV

A court in Bahrain has sentenced six tweeters to one year in jail on charges of insulting Bahrain’s monarch, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

The Bahraini public prosecutor’s office said in a Wednesday statement that the six had been charged and convicted by a lower criminal court for “misusing the right of free expression.”

The statement added that the tweeters were accused of posting remarks “undermining the values and traditions of Bahrain’s society towards the king on Twitter.”…


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