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Bahrain King to UK: “Has anyone asked you to leave?”

by Dave Brown

Al Manar

Regardless of any sense of embarrassment, King of Bahrain Hamad Bin Issa Al Khalifa, whose country has been witnessing a popular movement demanding freedom since 2 years, tickled the feelings of the British colonizer by repeating the well-known question of his father: “Has anyone asked you to leave?”

Khalifa, who spoke at a reception ceremony on the occasion of his visit to Britain to attend horses festival, stressed that his Manama would not dispense with London and that Britain kept consistently present in his country, despite the end of the British colonization in 1971.

The King considered the relation between his regime and the United Kingdom “has kept solid as it should be and even maybe stronger.”

He publicly repeated the wonder of his father Prince Issa Bin Salman about thereason behind the British decision to withdraw unilaterally, asking: “Why? Has anyone asked you to leave?”

Khalifa announced the naturalizing of 240 British who had already applied for Bahraini citizenship.

He also said:”The appreciated security British assistance in dealing with the unfortunate events that have been taking place in Bahrain since 2011 and that are still occuring in some small villages.”


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