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‘Bahrain: Capital of torture’ & forces lay siege to village

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Thousands of Bahraini anti-government activists flocked to the streets of village of Daih in Bahrain to protest against the torture of victims arrested by the brutal monarchy.

The frustrated mob held up signs that read: “Manama, capital of torture,” and waved the national flag.

“Torture is a practice rooted in the security agencies,” in Bahrain, the main opposition bloc al-Wefaq said in a statement. It added that these practice were “embedded in the security doctrine – corrupt and hostile to the citizens.”

The organization also highlighted the rift between “a political majority demanding a democratic transition and a hard core dictatorship that refuses any change and respond to the popular will.”

The demonstration comes just days after the start of the international campaign under the title “Bahrain capital of torture.”

On Wednesday, Bahrain Forum for Human Rights in Beirut announced the details of the international campaign against torture in prisons on the island.

It also accused the authorities of arresting 120 people during the period between 16 – April 22.

Human rights delegates condemned the use of force on citizens and the media blackout on the repression.

Also on Wednesday, the parliament in Bahrain was presented with a bill that would impose further restrictions on demonstrations. The new law would require organizers to submit a warranty check of more than $50,000 before holding a rally. It would also allow any resident to block a petition.

In late April, Bahrain has unilaterally cancelled a United Nations mission to Manama to assess the country’s progress in eliminating torture.


‘Bahraini forces lay siege to village’

Press TV

Bahraini regime forces lay siege to Bani Jamra village, west of the capital Manama, amid the continuing crackdown on anti-regime protests in the county, Press TV reports.

The village was placed under siege by police forces on Saturday following anti-regime protests in the region.

Tear gas and gunshots were heard in the village all through the night. Regime forces also set up military blockades across the region as helicopters hovered above, to prevent any movements in the area.

Large numbers of Saudi-backed forces have also been deployed to the village to assist in the crackdown. Bahrain’s main opposition party, the Al-Wefaq has condemned the siege and called for its end.


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