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Palestine: Mufti of Jerusalem/Palestine detained, Jordan MPs vote to expel Israeli envoy, Israelis continue to attack & more land to be taken

IOF soldiers detain Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, the Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine, after taking him from his home in occupied Jerusalem on Wednesday.

A spokesman for the committee of relatives of Jerusalemite detainees said that the soldiers stormed the home of Sheikh Hussein, 65, and then took him to Maskobeh detention center.

He said that in a last telephone contact with the Mufti, he said that he was detained in Maskobeh and was awaiting interrogation.

The committee condemned the arrest and demanded the immediate release of Sheikh Hussein.


Jordan MPs vote to expel Israeli envoy, recall Jordan ambassador

Press TV

The Jordanian parliament has voted to expel the Israeli ambassador to Amman and recall the country’s envoy to Tel Aviv.

The 150-member Lower House of Parliament unanimously demanded the government to ask the Israeli ambassador to leave Jordan, and recall the Jordanian ambassador to Israel, Jordan’s media reported on Wednesday.

The MPs said they took the decision due to Israel’s recent aggression against al-Aqsa Mosque in East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Jordan’s Premier Abdalla Ensour has criticized Israel for its systematic deployment of special forces and setting up of military barracks around the holy site.

He has vowed to demand the UN Security Council to hold an emergency meeting should Israel refuses to end its aggression.

Backed by Israeli forces, some 100 Israeli settlers entered Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday.

Clashes erupted between the Israeli settlers, soldiers and the Palestinians following the entry of the Israelis. Several Palestinians were reportedly injured, and several others were arrested.


Dozens of Jewish settlers storm the Aqsa mosque

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Dozens of Jewish settlers stormed the Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem on Wednesday morning as big numbers of Israeli soldiers besieged the holy site.

The Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and heritage (AFEH) said in a statement that the soldiers were blocking entry of Muslim worshipers into the holy site and set up roadblocks in the Old City.

It said that the settlers broke into the Aqsa plazas via the Maghareba gate and organized a tour inside it, adding that around 60 settlers were seen inside the holy site so far and many others were expected over the day.

AFEH said that the few numbers of worshipers and students inside the mosque were under strict surveillance by Israeli soldiers, who forced young worshipers out of the holy site.

The foundation said that dozens of worshipers were stranded at the gates of the mosque after the soldiers barred their entry into it.

In another incident, Israeli soldiers arrested Mustafa Abu Zahra, the chairman of the Islamic cemeteries in occupied Jerusalem.


Settlers storm evacuated settlement south of Jenin, attack citizens

JENIN, (PIC)– A horde of Jewish settlers under military protection stormed on Tuesday evening the area of the evacuated Tarsala settlement south of Jenin city and harassed some Palestinian citizens.

Local sources reported that more than 200 Jewish settlers aboard buses came to this area near Sannur village and stayed there for two hours bullying Palestinian passersby and performing rituals.

Then, they roamed around on Jenin-Nablus street singing and behaving provocatively before going to Mabo Dotan settlement near Yabad town.

During their tour, the settlers chanted racist slurs against the Palestinians and tried to attack some vehicles, eyewitnesses reported.

Other eyewitnesses told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the settlers blocked the roads on the evening of the same day near Shiloh junction and Zaatara junction and embarked on attacking Palestinian cars, which prompted the drivers to take other long routes.

Many citizens also reported they were stranded at Zaatara checkpoint for more than two hours because of the intensive presence of settlers.

In a separate incident, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped on Tuesday a Palestinian young man, from Burqin town of Jenin, at Zaatara checkpoint as he was on his way back from Ramallah to Jenin.

A local source said that the IOF detained Mohamed Mesad, 28, for a while and took him later to an unknown place.


IOF raid homes in Nablus, kidnap nine young men

NABLUS, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped at dawn Wednesday nine Palestinians during violent raids on homes in Nablus city and its villages.

Local sources told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the IOF stormed different neighborhoods in Nablus city and kidnapped a young man named Ahmed Al-Sous from Askar refugee camp.

They also raided the areas of northern mountain, Faisal street, Mamoun street and downtown, and kidnapped Ra’ed Al-Sayegh and Izzuddin Darwza.

Other families were reportedly handed summonses for interrogation issued against their sons by the Israeli intelligence. Many summonses have been issued since more than a week by the intelligence against Palestinian young men in Nablus area.

Six other young men were taken prisoners by the IOF during raids on homes in Beit Furik east of Nablus city. Some personal computers were confiscated in this campaign.

Consequently, violent clashes broke out between young men and the invading Israeli soldiers in different areas of Nablus.

In different separate incidents, the IOF stormed at dawn Wednesday the area around Jalama checkpoint to the north of Jenin and raided the greenhouses there.

The IOF also established a checkpoint at the entrance to Sabah Al-Khair suburb, searched the passing vehicles and checked IDs.

Some citizens who went early morning to Jalama checkpoint reported that the IOF intensified their presence in and around the area.

It was also reported that Israeli policemen and border guards launched last night a campaign to hunt down West Bank workmen who entered the 1948 occupied lands to work in construction sites.

The campaign targeted workshops and warehouses where the workmen stay and sleep and concentrated in Haifa, Khadira and Mutalat.

Workmen from Jenin told the PIC that the IOF kidnapped 10 of their friends during the campaign.

Six other Palestinian citizens were also kidnapped during different raids in Ramallah and Al-Khalil cities.


IOA forces Jerusalemite to raze his own home

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) forced a Jerusalemite citizen to raze his own home in the Old City for lack of construction permit.

Azzam Al-Afifi said on Tuesday that he had to destroy what was remaining of his house after an Israeli court threatened it would sue him and impose on him a heavy fine.

Afifi said that he razed his home with his own hands to avoid the Israeli demolition that cost him a lot of money.

He said that Israeli courts humiliate Jerusalemites by forcing them to tear down their own homes under the threat of trials and fines.


IOA approves bill on stealing Palestinian Bedouin lands in the Negev

NAZARETH, (PIC)– Israel Ministerial Committee on Legislation Affairs approved on Monday the “Prawer-Begin Plan” that will lead to the confiscation of more than 800 thousand dunums of Arab land in the Negev and the uprooting and forcible eviction of dozens of villages and 30-40,000 Bedouin residents.

The committee approved a map demarcating which land will be Bedouin and which is considered Israeli-owned, and reduced the time allotted for implementation from five to three years, in addition to appointing the MK Uri Ariel to oversee the plan’s implementation.

The Legal Center for Arab Minority in Israel (Adalah) considered the bill as an Israeli attempt to forcibly evict and displace tens of thousands of Bedouin residents who will lose their property and historical rights to their land.

“Coalition members point out that representatives of the Bedouin villages in question have repeatedly attempted to engage the government in a dialogue about the plan, but have been rebuffed,” Adalah stated.

“The bill is based on the denial of the Arab-Bedouin population’s rights to property and its historical ties to the land, in violation of the basic rights of the residents of the unrecognized villages. It reflects the fact that the government has failed to undertake a serious examination of alternatives to forcibly displacing the Bedouins in the unrecognized villages, despite the violations of their constitutional rights to property, equality and dignity,” the center pointed.

Adalah confirmed that “the bill creates a framework for the government to implement its discriminatory policies toward the Arab Bedouin in the Naqab in two main areas: the evacuation of the unrecognized villages in the Naqab, and the settlement of ownership of lands in the Naqab.”


IOF arrests a Palestinian citizen accompanying his sick wife at Erez crossing

GAZA, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested a Palestinian citizen from Gaza at Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing, in the northern Gaza Strip, while he was accompanying his sick wife to undergo surgery at St. John’s Hospital in Jerusalem.

Prisoners’ Center for Studies quoted the family of businessman Zuhair Maarouf, aged 52 from the Sheikh Radwan district in Gaza City, as saying that the occupation arrested Zuhair at Beit Hanoun crossing, and extended his detention for 24 hours. He was transferred to Ashkelon detention center.

The detainee’s son Yusuf appealed to the Ministry of Detainees and Ex-detainees and the Palestinian Prisoner Society to hire a lawyer to identify the cause of his father’s arrest.

“We are contacting the hospital in order to postpone my mother’s surgery which has been stalled due to the arrest of my father,” he added.

Arrests of Palestinian citizens at Beit Hanoun crossing have recently increased.


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